To Haul Or Not To Haul: Holiday Makeup 2017


So when I did an Instagram poll on whether I should publish holiday content or not, the majority of people were on the yay side.

I'm not gonna lie, I personally get annoyed with at least 60% of all holiday content. Maybe I'm part Grinch, maybe I'm too cynical, but either way, I am not all about that gift guide life ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Look! Here's the same overpriced polyester sweater from Nordstrom that I wouldn't buy on my own but 2342347 other bloggers and I are linking to it anyway because it's on the top-selling page of Rewardstyle!

Too salty? Maybe.

That said, there is also holiday content I enjoy! Yummy holiday recipes and book guides and easy yet bold makeup looks-- yes, please. More tailored guides and reviews of holiday kits and releases all catch my attention. Basically, I think holiday content is at its best when the content creator is able to inject a bit of their personality into the content.

So this year I want to do my own spin on "gift guides." I'm not even sure I can call them gift guides. Instead, I'm going to do a To Haul Or Not To Haul series on holiday 2017 gift guides and holiday releases. The idea is pretty self-explanatory and if you follow me on Instagram, you've seen me do them many times before. Basically, it's a recommendations post and anti-haul in one!

By no means are these posts going to be exhaustive! I mean there are so. many. holiday. releases. But they will most likely be long because I gotta lotta things to say.

The haul side is organized from lowest to highest priced. The anti-haul side wasn't so lucky.

Disclaimer: Just because I anti-hauled a product does not mean I'm attacking you for liking it nor does it mean I am attacking the brand. I just personally don't think the product is worth the $$ and sometimes I enjoy being just a little bit snarky. Recently, there was a large beauty blogger who branded anti-hauls as "hateful." Personally, I think that's a load of BS. Sometimes it seems like we've come to a point where the online beauty community can't handle any sort of comment that isn't positive 😐

Two Months With Bioclarity


I like to think I'm rather picky about my sponsored posts. In my 5 years of blogging, I can count the number of sponsorships I've accepted with both hands. Usually, I only work with brands that I've tried and tested and enjoyed beforehand. But things are a little different with this post as it's sponsored by a brand that I tried for the first time, for this post!

The first time Bioclarity reached out to me I had to pass, mostly because I already had a full content calendar. But the second time they reached out I decided to say yes. Partly because some of my favorite bloggers have worked with them in the past (Jenn, Cindy, and Camilla to name a few.) And partly because their prompt was simple: try their one month kit and share my honest thoughts on the products. So here we are.

Because of my personal testing schedule, it took me about 2.5 months to get around to testing all three of their products.

A quick intro to Bioclarity: they're a relatively new skincare brand that offers a three-step skincare routine for acne prone skin. A cleanser, a treatment gel, and a moisturizer. They're sold as a set that you can purchase via a monthly subscription. Personally, I think the products would definitely last longer than a month, but perhaps if you're generously using everything 2x a day they'll go faster.

They're also cruelty-free, vegan, and made in the USA!

If you are interested in giving their system a go, they were kind enough to give me a 50% off code for a one month supply-- code "SHARM". I don't make any commission if you choose to use it 😇

Bye, Bye Trash


I wasn't planning on sharing an empties post today, but after taking a second look at my editorial calendar I realized if I didn't share one today, I would get around to sharing one until the new year when all the holiday post madness is over. And I'm not sure I have the patience to keep the pile of trash for that long so here we are!

I was going to say I didn't have many empties for the last month and a half, but after writing this post I gotta say I was wrong. I finished a lot more than I thought I did! Even though I don't have a strict project pan list going at the moment, I'm still trying to focus on finishing up older products so that I can move onto new pretties 😇

As always, my empties are split into three categories: definitely repurchase, maybe repurchase, and will not repurchase.

What the hecking heck did I buy at the Sephora VIB Sale


I bounce back and forth on whether haul posts are really useful or not. Alas, I haven't published one in a while so I decided to go for it because even if they aren't the most helpful, they are fun! Plus I had so much build-up with my wish list and anti-haul posts.

Compared to last year's haul, I was very, very good. Of course this year Sephora split the sale into two weekends of VIB Rouge so there are a few things I might pick up this weekend-- I'll share those at the end of the post.

My Top of the Top, Best of the Best Sephora Picks


Writing a top recommendations post for Sephora is next to impossible. It's the mecca of the beauty world so naturally, the options are endless. A recommendations post could include dozens of products worth thousands of dollars. On top of that, I'm tired of reading and writing Sephora sale posts (...even though the second round of the sale hasn't even started yet.) So instead of writing up an exhaustive Sephora recommendations post, I decided to pick 15 of my favorite products from totally arbitrary categories.

These are all products I would 100% repurchase if I lost/ finished up!

P.s the photo really has nothing to do with the post 🙈 These were all products that were already on my desk in the 5 minute time frame I had to take a quick photo for this post.

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