Oh Hi, Ohii Beauty: Reviewing Urban Outfitter's New In-House Beauty Line


The title of this post pretty much gives it away, it's a first impression/ review of Urban Outfitter's new ohii beauty line! They do have a few other in-house beauty brands like Gourmand and Adorn, but this is the first line solely focusing on makeup and skincare.

I was sent most of the products in today's post before they launched, as PR samples from Urban Outfitters. So I've had time to play with them. They also had a pop-up last weekend in the city which I stopped by, I ended up purchasing the magic hair wand while I was there. The line officially went line last Monday and you can now find them on the Urban Outfitters site and in stores.

The entire line is cruelty-free and everything I'm reviewing in this post besides for the eyeshadow palette is vegan. And everything but the magic hair wand and the eyeshadow palette are made in the USA.

Bye, Bye Dandruff: Scalp Scrubs Galore


I've been cursed with dandruff ever since I was a preteen. I've seen derms about it and have tried a bagillion and one different shampoos with varying degrees of success. Something I didn't try until 2 or 3 years ago is a good scalp scrub! I mean think about it-- you exfoliate your face and body to rid yourself of flaky skin, why not apply the same methodology to your scalp?

And even if you don't suffer from dandruff, scalp scrubs can still be useful to get rid of dry spots and product buildup. Even when I'm using a very effective dandruff shampoo, I still have a scalp scrub in rotation. Especially for those days where I don't wash my hair for 4 or 5 days straight and load up on all the dry shampoo... my scalp is never in a good condition after and a solid scalp scrub helps remedy the situation!

Unfortunately, there aren't too many options out there, and most of them are not super affordable. Over the past 9-ish months I've tested 5 different formulas and have found a favorite! Read on to find out more 😉

A note! There is a learning curve when it comes to applying scalp scrubs. You won't have much luck if you apply them like a regular shampoo-- in fact, you'll probably just end up tangling your hair. Rather, you need to wet your scalp and then part your hair and apply it section by section. Sometimes I'll even rub it in with a soft, used toothbrush.

Vitamin C Under $30: Cosrx Triple C Lightning Liquid Review


Continuing on with my Vitamin C series, here's my review of the Cosrx Triple C Lightning liquid that I've used almost daily for 3 months. I finally finished it up last month at the end of June soo I'm here writing this post so I can finally toss the bottle (I had to keep it for photo reasons cause blogger priorities.)

The two other vitamin c serums I've reviewed here on the blog are the Dr. Dennis Gross and Drunk Elephant.

I received this serum as a PR gift from Sokoglam-- the bottle is white as opposed to their classic back because it's their 1-year anniversary bottle! The serum inside is exactly the same as the permanent one.

Anti-Haul: 10 Beauty Things You Don't Need from Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale


My current no-buy is coming to an end, and the start of public access of the Nordstrom anniversary sale marks a vulnerable time for my wallet.

Luckily, for the most part, I find the Nordstrom anniversary sale to be overrated. As a self-professed bargain shopper, I'm just not that impressed at having to worry about finding my size on a $100 acrylic sweater discounted by 20% #sorrynotsorry.

But of course, the same cannot be said of the beauty section. Beauty deals are a bit harder to come by so when I see luxury products for 20-30% off, I get grabby hands. But once I took a step back, I realized that many of the deals truly aren't that impressive. And that's how we got here-- the Nordstrom anniversary sale anti-haul.

This anti-haul is a bit different from past anti-hauls because many of these items are actually good items; they're just not an amazing deal. If you were going to purchase these items for full price anyways, then go for the sale! But if you're only planning on buying these items because they're on sale, I suggest taking a step back and reevaluating if it's truly worth it.

I did include affiliate links in the post in case anyone is interested in the products despite my raging on them 🙃

Spring Beauty Favorites: Better Late Than Never


I honestly cannot believe spring is over (or rather has been over for over two weeks.) It barely feels like it was here to begin with! We had snow in April and then it quickly sky-rocketed into the 80s aka full-fledged summer. R.I.P. spring, you shall be missed.

And since spring is over, that means it's time for my spring beauty favorites aka the products I've been loving for the past 3 months!

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