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May 25, 2015

when trends don't work out

Don't you hate it when you really want to wear something trendy... but instead of looking fashion forward you just look like an idiot? This is a pretty common occurrence in my life (I blame it on the fact that I'm vertically challenged & "curvy") and the reason why you won't see me wearing culottes or mules on the blog anytime soon. Most of the time it doesn't bother me much but I'm seriously bummed that I can't effortlessly pull off a neckerchief like Leandra Medine can. The struggle is real when you've got a short neck.

dress: forever 21, cardigan: cheap monday, shoes: forever 21 (based on these schutz sandals), neckerchief: urban outfitters

And here's an awkward collage for selfies because I really liked the lip stain I was wearing. Because I have pigmented lips, I'm usually not a fan of lip products with sheer coverage. This Jordana twist & shine moisturizing balm stain in honey love is the exception. It applies in such a way that it blends in with the natural color of my lips instead of lying on top providing lackluster, spotty coverage. The best part is that it's only $3! #drugstorewin

May 20, 2015


(If you got the 30 rock reference, have a bag of sabor de soledad on me.)

Coordinating sets, or as I will call them from here on out, toofers, aren't anything new to the interwebs. They've held a pretty constant presence in the world of fash-un for the past few years, with spikes in popularity when spring/ summer comes around (probably because there are less people able to work the head to toe knit look without looking like a fluffy turd, myself included.)

When paired together, they're basically a ready made outfit. And a polished one at that. It's a dream come true for someone who wants to be stylish, but also doesn't want to put in much effort-- aka me. But then you also have the option of wearing them with other pieces, increasing their versatility and giving you a real bang for your buck.

After this past weekend, I can finally say I am #teamtoofer after I found the most perfect set at forever 21. It's taken me the longest time to jump on the bandwagon, but now that I'm here, I'm never going back. I still do have the same hesitations from before I joined the gang: cost, fit, fabric choice, print, and then cost again. If you walked around the women's section at Bloomingdale's last weekend like I did, you're guaranteed to have seen at least a few mannequins dressed in their super chic, matching ensembles. Unfortunately, they're also super expensive. But hey, that's what sales (and birthdays) are for ;) But in the mean time, here are some more affordable options to contemplate.

Are you also on #teamtoofer? Do you have any recommendations for any cute twosies (as asos seems to call them)? If so, please share!

from top left: zara top, zara skirt, asos top, asos skirt, forever 21 top, forever 21 skirt, asos top, asos skirt, zara top, zara shorts, zara top, zara shorts

May 13, 2015

circa 1993

For the past week, whenever I've talked to my mom on the phone, she's consistently bragged about how it's warmer in New Jersey than it's been in LA. And every time I tell her I don't mind. Temperate weather and I are bffs. It was a perfect 70 degrees outside so I got to wear a mini skirt and a sweater. It's literally the best of both worlds-- a piece from my summer wardrobe meets a piece from my winter wardrobe. What's not to love?

Overall, the combo of crop top, and white sneakers reminded me of some of the tamer fashions of the 90s. Which is appropriate seeing that I was a bonna fide 90s kid. If I swapped out my nude lipstick with some sticky, glittery, pink gloss I'd complete the look, but I'd rather not relive that horror.

skirt: asos, cropped sweater: zara, shoes: superga, lipsticks: nars bahama