Anti-Haul #1 | Shit I'm Not Gonna Buy


Like most beauty bloggers, my blog is definitely guilty of supporting a "buy, buy, buy" mentality. I've already tried putting myself on self-imposed spending bans multiple times this year but it never seems to work out. Fortunately I have set a monthly budget for myself and that works for me much, much better.

One thing that's become increasingly popular are anti-hauls. I believe the queen of the movement is youtuber Kimberly Clark (if you don't watch her channel yet, I highly recommend it! Not only does she chat about makeup but she also chats about various social issues.) And since my last post was a rather indulgent haul, I figured what better time to post my first anit-haul!

A little disclaimer, just because I don't like or want a product, doesn't mean I'm hating on you if you do. We've all got different tastes and that's what makes us interesting and unique individuals ✌

Ballin' On A Budget | Cult Beauty Haul + US Shipping Review


The other week I was innocently browsing Cult Beauty and ended up accidentally placing an order. How can someone accidentally online shop, you may ask. Well it's totally possible if someone is a bit of a dolt and overenthusiastically adds hypothetical shit to her cart and then clicks on over to Paypal to see what the total would be in USD. Nevertheless it happened, I'm rollin' with it and blaming it on kismet.

Since Cult Beauty is an UK retailer, I thought I would share my experience shopping there as an American customer. Overall I am happy with the experience and will order from them in the future!

Cosrx Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Spa Mask Review | Yes it's a mouthful but it tastes fabulous


I started writing this post late Sunday night so that's why the title is a bit... odd. But when I woke up the next morning I decided to just roll with it. And if you're wondering: THIS MASK IS NOT EDIBLE. It's a result of my trying too hard to be funny.

Weird titles aside, I love this sleeping mask. It's hands down my favorite sleeping mask in my collection at the moment. On the Cosrx site, they say your skin will be like a chewy mochi after you use this mask. I've never heard this comparison before checking out their site but now I'll never forget it. Every morning I wanna wake up with chewy mochi face!

I received it as a PR gift from Mikaela Beauty (a Canadian based K-beauty retailer) and have been using it nonstop over the past 2.5 months! I would definitely recommend subscribing to their email list because they're always running awesome promotions 😉

Photoshop For Bloggers: Flatlays & Cloning


It seems that I'm starting series left and right these days and damn it, I plan on sticking to them (like I said I would in my blog and beauty resolutions post.)

As the name implies, this series is all about photoshop for bloggers. The other week I asked on Instastories (@sharmtoaster) if anyone would be interested to see how I photoshopped some extra marble into the photo below, and a few people enthusiastically responded yes, they would like to see it! It looks like magic, but it's actually quite a simple process 😎

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To do so, all you really need to do is use photoshop's clone stamp tool! I like to think of it as a fancy, customizable copy and paste option for photos.

I primarily use the clone stamp tool with my flatlays in two instances: 1) when I want to expand the background in my photo and 2) when I want to clean up stains and discolorations in my backgrounds. I'll be sharing a tutorial for instance number 1 but the same tutorial can be used for instance number 2.

What the fudge are occlusives and sleeping packs and masks?


The other day I was sitting down to write my review of the Cosrx ultimate nourishing rice overnight spa mask and realized I can't really write the review without explaining what the heck a sleeping mask is. And if I'm talking about sleeping masks I need to chat about occlusives. In the end I decided to dedicate a whole 'nother post to the two (aka this post.)

I've been toying with the idea of starting as series on skincare basics but wasn't sure if I had the proper... credentials for the job. I'm not a dermatologist or aesthetician, just a girl who likes spending way too much time reading about beauty things on the internet. Then again, this is a blog not a dermatology journal so I can publish whatever the fudge I want. I may not be an expert but I have spent a considerable amount of time reading about the topic to have a solid enough understanding to share it with y'all. Plus, I remembered my high school history teacher who used to say if you have knowledge but decide not to share it, you're being selfish.

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