My Not-So Secret Trick to Taking Swatch Photos


Besides for skincare related questions, the second most common questions I get on Instagram are about photography. I try my best to answer them but it's really hard to give general advice on the topic. Maybe one day I'll do a Q&A photography post because it's much easier to dole out answers to specific questions.

Today's post covers one of those specific questions: how do I take up-close swatch photos?

Answer: with a camera.

But seriously, I use these handy faux macro lenses that I bought for less than $15 off Amazon. That's the not-so-secret secret!

So in today's post, I'll be reviewing the lenses and sharing little tips and pointers on how to use them.

If you're not sure what up-close swatch photos I'm talking about, it's something like thisthis, this, or this.  I'm not sure if they gained popularity over the last year or if I'm just noticing them, but either way there's no doubt about it that swatch photos are hot on Instagram (although I'm not so sure the word hot is still hot.) My favorite accounts for swatch inspiration are @ritualofme and @shutthetouchup-- both of them have beautiful feeds devoted to swatches and textures and other cool shots.

Hydrating Wash-Off Masks for Dry Winter Skin


While I’m totally part of the #sheetsquad, I find myself reaching for wash-off masks more often this winter. I think a big part of it is the cold factor. Wash off masks aren’t as cooling as sheet masks plus I sort of stop noticing that I’m wearing them after a few minutes. And they’re more eco-friendly! 

Also, while all these masks are perfect for the driest/ most dehydrated skin types, I think a lot of them would work on normal/ oily skin types that are looking to add some moisture to their routine! I just like being a little bit dramatic

Disclaimer: all the masks in the post are PR gifts, but of course my thoughts are my own. In fact, I've already repurchased two of them 💃🏽

Best of Beauty 2017


Somehow we have survived and made it to 2018. Here’s to surviving 2018 too!

Yearly favorites posts are always quite a task to write. In good news, every year I’m allowed an extra favorite! So this year I’ve got 17 favorites in honor of 2017. Because I’m an indecisive little shit, I found a few ways to cheat a little bit with the 17- item parameter.

Because I love making things unnecessarily complicated, I organizing my favorites into 3 totalyl arbitrary categories. First up are the behind the scenes favorites. They’re things that I used on all the time but seldom/ never take the time to share them on my blog or social media. Second up are overall categories of stuff that I fell in love with over the past year. And lastly third are the 10 best beauty discoveries of the year!

End of the Year Empties


Initially, I was going to share my 2017 favorites today... but it didn't seem smart to share two favorites posts back to back. Also, I'm struggling to narrow down my 2017 favorites and this buys me a little bit more time 😇

I didn't finish quite as much as I would like in December, but it was by no means a failure. Through the past few months of 2017, I got a lot better at working on finishing up products. At some point, I got a little too good at it and it sucked out some of the joy I get from skincare. Instead of being excited about customizing my routine and trying to improve my skin, I got stressed about not finishing up X amount of products by Y date. Thankfully I have reeled myself back since then. Now I'm trying to find the happy place between being too excited about trying all the new things and getting fixated on empties and project pans. Hopefully, I can find the balance in 2018!

Fall 2017 Beauty Favorites


While everyone else is sharing their 2017 yearly favorites... I'm over here sharing my fall favorites #procrastinatorproblems. I'm actually not that late because I like to wait for the season to be over before I write my seasonal favorites and technically fall only officially ended a week-ish ago.

I will always aim to be as transparent as possible with my content so as a disclaimer, the items marked with an asterisk* in this post were PR gifts, but even the ones that I didn't mark with the asterisk were also ultimately received as PR gifts. And that does sound a bit convoluted but what I mean is I purchased them myself and started using them, and then afterward I received a second of the item as a PR gift. For example, I purchased the LJH propolis ampoule over the summer, but later in the fall I received another bottle as PR from the brand. So basically everything in this post has been a PR gift at some point.

I try to feature a balance of items that I've personally bought and items I've received as PR because I don't want my platform to become a billboard for advertising PR. When writing this post I thought about changing up the favorites to include products that I've never received as PR because I don't want to seem like a shill. But I decided against that because these are truly my favorite products from the past 3 months and changing that to purposefully include products that weren't my tippy top favorites seems contrary to the point of the post.

So basically yes I did receive these products as PR, but they're all products I have/ would/ will spend my own money on too.

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