Worth the Splurge? Surratt, Wayne Goss, & Artis Brush Reviews


During the end of 2017, I treated myself to some luxury makeup brushes. I'm not a makeup brush snob at all-- I've got plenty of real techniques, elf, and wet n' wild brushes to go around. But I also appreciate the finer things in life. Like fancy makeup brushes!

In blogger speak, these brushes totally elevated my makeup experience. Not only do they feel fancy, but most times there's a remarkable difference in results too.

Since I've had 2 or 3 months to play with these brushes from Surratt, Wayne Goss, and Artis, I'm here to reflect on my experiences. Total disclosure: I've never written a brush review before and am not brush expert, but we all gotta start somewhere, right?

Also, I tried measuring the brushes as I've seen people do in brush reviews, but it was a lot harder than expected. I might need to be smarter about it next time and draw the measurements out instead of photographing the brushes with a ruler 😅

Glossier: the Sequel | Dresser Diaries VII


Last year I wrote a review on all of the Glossier products I had tried at that point. In the post, I briefly talked about their marketing and demographics and rep program and all that jazz. Somehow since then, it seems like the brand has become even more polarizing.

On one side of the road, you have people who are a little over-enthusiastic about their glossier love. Everything they create is rainbows and unicorns and even their shit shines. On the other side of the road you have the people who scoff at the mere mention of the brand, roll their eyes, and banish anyone for liking the brand as a sell-out. It’s funny cause a lot of the criticism about the brand is that it’s off-putting in a “we’re not like other girls” sorta way. But sometimes the same people uttering such criticism do it in a “we’re not like other girls” sorta way. Such as “ugh, glossier, I’m not one of those basic bitches that likes their non-makeup makeup.” Non-makeup makeup is cool. Makeup makeup is cool. Do whatever the fuck you want. You can do you without putting down other people’s choices.

Personally, I’m somewhere in the middle, as I’m sure a lot of y’all are too. There are products of theirs that I think are garbage (more on that later in this post) and products of theirs that I don’t want to live without (boy brow!!!) I absolutely think we should be critical of Glossier (and really every brand out there) but it doesn’t have to turn into one big hate circlejerk.

PR Products I've Repurchased With My Own $$


Earlier this month I shared a post on PR products I would not repurchase with my own $$ cause I like indulging my inner negative Nancy. But today I'm putting a more positive spin on the topic and chatting about products that I've received as PR and loved enough to repurchase my own money!

I don't really think there's anything else for me to say in this intro so let's just get into it 🙃

How I Plan Blog & Instagram Content


One of my goals for 2017 was to be more consistent with my blog and Instagram posts. And I’m happy to say it was a success! A big part of that success was due to how I plan my content and divvy up my workload.

I need structure… but not too much structure. In the post I’ll go into specifics but basically, I like making to-do lists and general deadlines. Rather than saying “from 12-2 I will take photos and from 2-5 PM I will write this blog post from start to finish and schedule it for Monday morning” I’ll say “I have XYZ tasks that need to be done by this date” and give myself the freedom to get it done, when I get it done.

I’ve learned to be flexible with my content. Instead of fixating on something that doesn’t get done by a deadline, I’ll roll with it and switch up my content calendar.

First things first I have to say the biggest key to staying on top of your shit IS SETTING REALISTIC EXPECTATIONS. There was a time when I thought I could publish three blog posts and seven Instagram posts a week. It was unrealistic, I almost never got it done, and I wasted a ton of time fixating on the fact that I failed. Some people can publish 5 blog posts a week, some others can publish 2 a month. There’s nothing wrong with either. The most important part is keeping your schedule realistic for your lifestyle.

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