hump day edit


Since I haven't shot outfit photos in basically forever, and have neglected from blogging anything for a whopping 2 weeks, I figured I would do a weekend edit.... on a Wednesday. Because why not?

1. Hair clips
The other day I was at the mall shopping for a new bathing suit, and somehow I came home with a bunch of new hair clips... and no bathing suit. So I guess now I'm into hair clips ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

photo: urban outfitters starlight hair clip, urban outfitters oversized flip hair clip

2. Donald Trump nail art
There's something horrifying about hearing the words Donald Trump and nail art put together (although tbh, there's something horrifying about the first half alone) but I promise you, this video is worth a watch for the laughs.

3. Sheer socks
There was a time when I was really into sheer socks about a year ago. Unfortunately, I never actually got around to buying any sheer socks (#procrastinatorproblems.) While reading Atlantic-Pacific last week, my interest in sheer socks was instantly re-born from a single photo.

It's a little too hot at the moment to wear socks unless necessary (thank you, 100 degree weather), but I vow this time around I will get my hands on some sheer socks and I will be ready for fall! Huzzah!

photo: atlantic-pacific

4. Urban Decay naked smoky palette
According to the various people across the interwebs, Ulta is supposed to be running a one day 50% off promo on the Urban Decay naked smoky palette, reducing the price from $54 to $27. Since I was kinda, sorta considering purchasing this palette over the holidays, I kinda, sorta am contemplating buying it during the sale.

On Nouveau Cheap's blog she speculates if other retailers are going to offer the same promo, since that was the case when it came to the UD x Gwen Stefani palette. You can read all about it here on her blog.

photo: money can buy lipstick blog

5. A makeup challenge I can get behind
Most of the recent makeup challenges really aren't my thing. I don't care to see someone do their entire face with liquid lipsticks or glop on a 100 layers of foundation. But this new challenge I can totally get behind!

The challenge is to do an entire face of makeup using products from black-owned brands. The first video of the tag I watched was Jackie Aina's. In her intro she describes her motivation for doing the challenge and furthermore challenges other yotubers to try it out too!

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I am Spartacus


In describing this skort I'm split between two descriptions. First, it looks like something an extra in an ancient Greek or Roman movie would wear. Second, it looks like something a trendy grandma would wear to a country club.

As you can tell from the title of this post, I went with the first option.

top: forever 21
skort: ann taylor
shoes: madewell
sunglasses: illesteva; similar from le specsurban outfitters
lipstick: urban decay manic; also available from ulta, sephora

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post-weekend edit


Zara AW 2016 
Is it too soon to be talking about fall clothes? Don't get me wrong, I love summer clothing. I love short dresses and open toed shoes and not having to worry about tacking a jacket atop every single outfit. But I also love new shit. And the fall collection is the newest shit at Zara so of course I'm all over it.

A lot of the collection is what I would describe as grunge ballerina. It's a total resurrection of 90s style. And if you read my post "5 fashion-y things I've been loving lately," you know I'm all about that life.

zara pink pants, zara fall winter, zara aw 2016 slip over tee, zara 90s style, zara pink slip, zara leather slip

ABH Moonchild glow kit
I'm not one to immediately jump on a higher end product as soon as it's released. I like to take my time, wait for the reviews and swatches, and then maybe perhaps contemplate buying it. But sometimes you gotta live a little and the new ABH glow kit made me want to live a lot.

The campaign photos are all so beautiful. I love that they used men, I love that the makeup looks so natural but still dramatic, I love that they used models of different colors. On their site, I love that they included swatches on three different skintones. While it's awesome that more and more brands are including swatches on the darker end of the spectrum, they're just as unhelpful to me as those on the lighter end of the spectrum. I love that they didn't create a bunch of hype and drama around the release. And most importantly, I love all the unique colors in the kit!

When I saw that they were available on the site, I didn't hesitate in purchasing it. Now the waiting game begins! Ps you can purchase yours on the ABH site here!

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Wearable orange makeup
I've been watching more Youtube videos lately and one of my new favorite gurus (new to me; her channel isn't new) is Mariah Leonard of the Gal's Guide. At the end of June she put out a tutorial on a wearable orange look. Now orange and yellow are two colors I personally stay away from in makeup and clothing, but the look is so subtle that now I want to go out and buy orange makeup! I never thought I would ever be saying that! It's also the perfect look for a summer day.

Pokemon Go
I am so obsessed with Pokemon go. I'm not the best at exercising but I easily hit and surpassed my fitbit goals the last two days because I went out lookin' for Pokemon.

If you're wondering what the f*ck I'm talking about, don't worry, just download the game.

Also, #teammystic.

Brooklyn Blonde home tour
I've been a longtime reader of Helena's blog. Even though her style is a lot more sophisticated than anything I ever wear, I still enjoy reading her blog. Her photos are so beautiful and she just seems like a really genuine person.

A few weeks ago she posted a mini home tour in conjunction with Home Goods and I was in love with the outcome! It's the perfect mix of the classic all white pinterest aesthetic and that warm, homey, there-are-actual-people-who-live-here look.

You can see the entire home tour on her blog here.

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a teeny-tiny what's new at Pixi haul + first impressions


Last Tuesday Target had a 20% off beauty promotion going on, and of course I took advantage. I ended up purchasing a few elf brushes I've been wanting to try out as well as two new Pixi products-- pretty tame, if I may say so myself. To my surprise, my order showed up on Thursday. Considering that I placed my order on Tuesday afternoon, it took my order less than 48 hours to arrive. That's pretty freaking fantastic.  So thank you, Target!

pixi skintreats review, pixi glow tonic review, pixi glow tonic to-go review, pixi haul, pixi glow haul
Pixi glow tonic to-go available via pixi, target
60 pads for $18; for a full list of ingredients check here

When I saw that pixi came out with a to-go option for their glow tonic I was all ready to click the "add to cart" button. Thankfully I knew about the upcoming Target promo and waited a few days to get it for 20% off.

The formulation in these to-go pads is the exact same as the original glow tonic and work just as well. Even though buying the original glow tonic in the bottle is a better value, I already know I will be reaching for these instead for convenience. The pads are very generously doused in the glow tonic and there's plenty for me to use across my face and décolletage.

If you haven't used or heard of Pixi's glow tonic it's their best-selling 5% glycolic acid chemical exfoliant. If you're new to the world of chemical exfoliants, I suggest reading the first post in this reddit thread. It's a quick yet informative read.

I've got sensitive skin and started using Pixi's glow tonic at the end of last year. At first I was worried it was too harsh for my skin because it caused that unpleasant, stinging sensation when applied. But after using it every other day (I use FAB's facial radiance pads on the other days) for a few months the stinging has faded. Overall I've found that using these have helped fade my acne scars faster, reduced the number of whiteheads I get on my cheeks, and minimize those tricky sebaceous filaments on my nose. Of course my skin isn't perfect but the chemical exfoliants have improved my skin a lot.

If you're new to chemical exfoliants then these are a great starting point. If you're a seasoned user and are looking for something stronger, check out their 20% peel pads (I talked about them in my February favorites.)

Pixi glow tonic to-go review, pixi skintreats review, pixi makeup remover pads review

Pixi lash nourish makeup remover pads available via pixi, target
80 pads for $10; for a full list of ingredients check here

If you don't want to read this review, all you need to know is that these suck.

Personally I don't like using makeup removing wipes on an everyday basis because they can be harsh on my skin and just aren't as effective as my usual combination of micellar water + cleansing balm. But I like keeping them on hand for when I'm traveling or am too lazy tired to remove my makeup at night. On the pixi site they advertised these pads to "deeply condition lashes and nourish the gentle undereye area while effectively removing all makeup, even waterproof." Sounds pretty great, right?

Too bad they do a piss poor job at the makeup-removing part.

Saturday night I was wearing some liquid eyeliner, gel liner, falsies, and waterproof mascara and it took 3 pads per eye to remove my eye makeup. And even then, I gave up and removed the rest with my Bioderma micellar water. So basically I used almost 10% of this container to half-ass remove my eye makeup for one night.

Since I've only used these a few times I can't say if the "lash conditioning" benefits are true or not. Buuut if I had to take a guess I would say that I won't see any visible results due to the "deeply condition"-ing abilities of these pads and the claim is marketing hogwash. But tbh this doesn't bother me because all brands seem to peddle the same bs. The Chanel mascara that I am currently obsessed with and featured in my June favorites post is supposed to condition and hydrate your lashes thanks to pro vitamin-b5. Even though this is untrue, I still love the mascara because it actually delivers where it matters.

Although I disliked these overall, there were a few positives I should mention. First I appreciate that they're packaged in a jar with a screw on lid. That way I know for sure that the package is closed and the remaining pads won't dry out. Also, even though they didn't remove my eye makeup and didn't "soothe the sensitive eye area," they also did not burn or sting my eyes.

pixi glow tonic to go, pixi lash nourishing pads, pixi pad size

Even with my negative experience with these makeup removers, I still want to try out more Pixi skincare products! I really love all the things I've tried from their glow line so far, and am kind of kicking myself at not buying the glow mist during the 20% off promo.

Are there any Pixi products you've tried and loved? Or on the other hand tried and disliked? Either way please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments :D

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June favorites


Another month, another set of favorites! I don't have any mumbo jumbo to discuss with y'all today so I'll just get to the favorites!

beauty favorites, makeup favorites, monthly favorites, beauty flatlay

Chanel inimitable waterproof mascara available via Chanel, Nordstrom
When it comes to mascara, I think I'm exceptionally picky. Out of the dozens of mascaras that I've tried, there are only two that I truly love. I'm glad to say that this Chanel baby is lucky mascara number three. My personal goal when applying mascara is to make it look like I'm not wearing much mascara. I want those natural looking wispy lashes that you see on models in makeup campaigns.

Chanel claims it delivers volume, length, curl and precise separation all in one swipe. And it actually does! While I've accepted I'm never gonna have the lashes of a model, this mascara gets me closer to the goal than I've ever been! It gives me a whole lotta length but without making my lashes clump together into crumbly spikes.

The biggest hurdle I have when it comes to mascara is finding something that makes me lash stay curled all day long. A lot of waterproof mascaras hold up well for a few hours but inevitably slump throughout the day. I've worn this mascara for 12+ hours and honestly, my lashes look almost as good as they did when I first applied the mascara. Compared to every other mascara I've tried, this one hands down holds the curl the best.

The one con I noticed with this mascara is that it can smudge off a bit on super hot days. This may be because I accidentally touched my eyes or poked myself with my glasses. But I will say that I don't have this issue with my longtime favorite mascara, Dior's diorshow waterproof mascara. Either way, this doesn't really bother me much because most days I'm not spending 5+ hours outdoors in 85 degree weather.

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Chanel inimitable waterproof mascara review, Chanel inimitable waterproof mascara eye swatches, Chanel inimitable waterproof mascara on eye

MAC Brooke Candy vamplify lipgloss in Pamela (now on sale) available via MAC
I raved about this lipgloss in my MAC haul post and am now gonna continue raving about it in this post.

First off I don't think lipgloss properly describes this product. It's soo pigmented that I don't find it necessary to wear it over a lipstick or lip liner to appreciate its full pigmentation. If anything, I would describe it as kind of like a glossy liquid lipstick.

But unlike matte liquid lipsticks that dry down to a powdery finish, this one feels a bit... heavier since it sits on the lips in all its glossiness. If I don't eat or drink anything then I can easily wear this for 5+ hours. When I do eat or drink it fades away at the center.

I'm pretty sure I said this earlier, but this is my perfect my lips of better color. It reads as a true brown on my skin tone. To see more swatches of this lip gloss, check out my MAC haul post.

Mac pamela, mac brooke candy lip gloss, mac brooke candy 2016 collection

Jordana made to last liquid eyeshadow in not a wink pink available via Jordana
Since I did a full post reviewing this eyeshadow, I'm not really going to talk much about this shadow.

Like I said in my original post, I've been wearing this eyeshadow nonstop. It provides a beautiful wash of color on my lids and lasts all day long. Not a wink pink is a light pink shade with a whole lotta shimmer in it. It's so easy to apply that I usually just blend it out with my pinky finger.

Last weekend I helped my mom do her makeup for a wedding and applied it on her. Unlike some other cream eyeshadows, it didn't tug on her lids at all! It just glided over smoothly.

Too see more swatches, more shades, and my full review check out the original post!

Nars niagara satin lipstick available via Sephora, Nordstrom,, Saks

Way back when in April I linked a photo of Selena Gomez wearing the prettiest coral lipstick. Since then, I've been on the lookout for a similar shade.

I quickly realized that finding a coral lipstick that matched my skin tone would be a bit tough. I'm in that weird, middle range where I'm not pale enough for coral to look natural but also not dark enough for it to pop! Instead, most of the coral lipsticks I tried made me look sort of ill.

Nars Niagara works for me cause it's more of a muted, pinky coral. It's got a natural looking glossy sheen, which I have been allll about lately. Even though the lipstick is very pigmented, I do like to wear it over a nudeish lip liner, but that's only because my top lip is pretty dark. It wears pretty long but like most non-matte lipstick, it fades away if I eat or drink much.

Nars niagara, nars coral lipstick, nars satin lipstick, nars niagara lipstick review

Nars niagara swatch, nars niagara tan skin, nars niagara indian, nars niagara nc40
Glamglow supermud single use clearing treatment available at Sephora
I was beyond ecstatic to see that glamglow released travel sized packets of their original supermud mask. I included my original, full sized pot of the stuff in my 2015 favorites. Unfortunately, after not using the mask for 3 or 4 months I was so sad to see that the remainder of it in the pot had dried up! I only had about 1/4 left and wouldn't have minded much if I had paid $10 or $20 for it. But this is a $70 pot we're talking about! 1/4 of $70 worth of product is a $17.50 loss!

I was a bit salty about it and decided to try other charcoal masks on the market. I tried Boscia's luminizing black mask, Origins' clear improvement mask, H&M's charcoal and volcanic soil mask, and Freeman's charcoal and black sugar mask. And while I liked some of them, none of them gave me the same results as glamglow. Glamglow made my skin less oily, reduced the amount of new acne spots, and worked as a gentle chemical and physical exfoliant. Not to mention seeing the oil and gunk be physically sucked out by the mask was soo satisfying. When I saw they released glamglow in these travel sized packages, I went ahead and bought two (cause they were listed as limited edition.)

First and foremost, the packet packaging is a lot more hygienic than the original pot/ jar packaging (to learn more about the downsides of jar packaging, you can read this Paula's choice article.) Second, the travel size is a better bang for your buck! For $22 you get .5 oz of product which equates to a $44/ oz price. In comparison, the full size is $69 for 1.2 oz which equates to $57.50/ oz. That's a pretty significant savings! In addition, it's a lot easier to swallow a $22 purchase made every other month rather than a $70 splurge at one point.

Each packet comes with .1 oz of product and while they are intended for one time use, I find that I can get two or three uses out of each packet. I make sure to make the tiniest rip, apply the mask, then quickly seal the rip with some tape. It's not the most elegant of methods, but hey, it works!

I do wonder if the product in the travel size is a bit thinner than the product in the original pot. I'm not sure if I'm remembering incorrectly but I remember the mask being a bit thicker in consistency. Then again, perhaps glamglow changed the formulation to make the masks thinner in general. I'll have to try out the tester the next time I'm at sephora to find out for myself!

glamglow supermud review, glamglow supermud travel size, glamglow travel size

beauty flatlay, makeup flatlay, june favorites, june makeup favorites, june beauty favorites

Phew, and finally we're done. This favorites post was considerably longer than my last few. Do you prefer longer, more in depth favorites or something shorter and more direct? Do you like reading more about the different products or seeing more photos? Or are you like me and like reading favorites posts of any length as long as they've got some sort of visuals? Do you care about stylized photos or do you prefer straight up swatches?

Any and all feedback is highly appreciated :)

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