If I Could, I Would: A Sephora Wishlist


I had a totally different post scheduled to go live today but at the last minute, I decided I wanted to share a self-indulgent Sephora wishlist instead. Some people like throwing back a cold beer at the end of a long day, I like to throw in hundreds of dollars of products in my Sephora cart that I will more than likely not actually purchase. Different strokes for different folks and all that.

Sephora's spring sale is coming up next month so I guess this post is appropriate even if it is a bit early. My tastes are fickle and my cart is forever changing so only the fates know what I'll actually purchase once the sale hits. But as of right now, here are all the pretties in my cart!

Beauty Favorites: Worst Season Edition


Call me crazy but I'm positive time moves slower in winter. It's the only way to explain why winter feels 3x longer than any of the other seasons. Here are the beauty products I've been loving over the past nine three months.

P.s. sorry for the lack of photos in this post. Even the ones I included are less than stellar. I took the photos on a snowy day and didn't have the time to retake them before publishing this post 🙈

It's Tiger Skin


Today's blog post is sponsored by the K-beauty brand, It's Skin!

You've probably seen them around the beauty blogosphere if you're a fan of K-beauty. They have a ton of cult favorite products like their power 10 essences, mini bebe hand creamsfresh sheet masks, and cookie hand creams. A lot of Korean brands only offer a select collection of their products on their US sites but after a quick browse of the It's Skin site it seems the offer the entire range! They sent over a box of their products for me to try including some of said cult favorites as well as some not as popular products. Of course, the inner skincare addict in me made grabby hands at the skincare-- two moisturizers from their Tiger Cica line!

My Top 5 Peach & Lily K-Beauty Awards Picks


If you're a fellow K-beauty enthusiast, you've probably heard of Peach & Lily. They're an NYC based e-retailer that sells all sorts of Korean beauty products (you can also find them on Youtube and Instagram.) Over the past few years, they've also started developing their own products and even have a collaboration with CVS. If you've ever noticed sheet masks and hand creams and other colorful Korean products in a cute display at your local store, you can thank Peach & Lily!

For the first time ever, they're hosting their own K-beauty award series! Of course, when they reached out and asked if I would like to test out the line-up and share my top 5, I said yes! When I got a list of their top winners, I easily knew which ones would be my top 5 because I had already purchased and loved them in the past. In fact, some of them have been featured in various blog posts 😉

Total disclosure: this post is not sponsored but they did send me all 17 of their winners to try out. If you'd like to win all 17 yourself, head on over to my IG to see how!

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