platforms and flatforms and wedges, oh my!


It took me a while to get on the flatform express, but I am now all aboard. I fully committed myself to the trend last September when I purchased a pair of wooden flatforms that I had been eyeing all summer at Urban. Unfortunately for me I managed to break the straps on one of the shoes a few weeks ago :'(. While I'm trying to figure out ways to fix those shoes, I've been eyeing up this summer's flatform and platform options. And there are many!

The best part of flatforms are that they're sooo comfortable. Since I am part of the vertically challenged club, you would think that I would be inclined to wear heels more often. But I am a creature of comfort and I'd rather let my feet be happy rather than stuff them into heels (at least, most of the time.) With flatforms you get the best of both worlds! Height and comfort. This chick couldn't ask for anything more from a pair of shoes (except perhaps the ability to fly? Because who wouldn't want a pair of shoes like that?!)

Since I spend a decent chunk of my time scrolling through pinterest (mine is @sharmtoaster), flipping through magazines, and reading about a bagillion blogs, of course my tastes are also influenced by what I've been seeing on the interwebs. Here's a collection of the flatform and platform looks that have been inspiring me lately!

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April favorites


My April favorites seem to be suspiciously short. While I did buy a decent amount of stuff during the month, I don't think I used them enough to decide if they deserved favorite status or not. Because making a monthly favorites post is serious business. Clearly.
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Bumble & Bumble Straight Blow Dry Styling Balm
I bought this balm back in November during the Sephora VIB sale, but when I wrote my haul first impressions I hadn't tried this out yet. Fast forward to March when I got a terrible haircut that left me looking like a poodle because curly hair + short choppy layers = frizz city. So at the moment the quickest way to style my hair is by blow drying it straight. And I have been reaching for this cream every single time I do.

I can't say if it makes blow drying my hair any easier or any quicker, but it definitely makes my blow dry last longer. My hair no longer explodes at the first hint of humidity. In fact a few weeks ago I had went to the city on a rainy day and my hair stayed straight the entire day despite the fact that I was outdoors for a solid few hours! As the weather is only going to get hotter and more humid as summer approaches, I know I will be reaching for this every time I do my hair for the upcoming months.
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Wet N' Wild Highlighting Powder in Precious Petals & Crown of My Canopy
This is just a quick, mini, almost-not-even-a review because I have a full out review for these coming highlighters next week. But I will say that if you spot these at a drugstore near you, pick them up! I bought these one day, went back to pick up another pair the next day and the display had been picked clean!
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Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Matte 1993
If you've been to Sephora, Ulta, Nordstrom, or Macy's lately, you might have noticed that all the Urban Decay revolution lipsticks are 50% off! That's because they're completely relaunching their lipstick collection and expanding it to a 100 color line, featuring various finishes and a whole shit-ton of new colors. To read more about the new line, check out this article from Refinery29.

While I am super pumped about the new line, I'm also super pumped to try out the discontinued Revolution line at 50% off. The first color that I picked up was Matte 1993. It's a medium brown shade that's oh so 90s and wearable for a wide range of skin tones. Unlike the Nyx lip lingerie liquid lipsticks I mentioned in my March favorites, this Urban Decay matte lipstick does not dry down to a true matte. On the upside, it makes it much more comfortable to wear. I even ate some sushi and boba while wearing this and the color was still somewhat there after my meal!

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Manic
The other Urban Decay lipstick I picked up was from their original revolution line, in the shade Manic. It's described as a soft wine color and since I'm absolutely challenged when it comes describing colors (and scents) I'll just go with that.

Like the Matte 1993, Manic is also so incredibly pigmented and comfortable to wear. Even if my lips are dry and on the verge of peeling, this lipstick still works. I always say that Nars has the best lipsticks of all time, but Urban Decay has come to be a close second.

the pink bandana


I'm writing this post after watching the latest Game of Thrones episode, so the only words flitting through my brain at the moment are related to the episode. No worries, you won't find any spoilers here. But man, oh man, oh man, that episode.

Anyways, onto this look. I picked up this floral, pink bandana from the Gap clearance section. Pink isn't usually my color but I don't mind it in smaller doses. Like I mentioned in my weekend edit, I want to wear more colors but at the same time I'm naturally inclined to reach for the black pieces in my closet. Brightly colored accent pieces like this bandana are perfect for the color wary like me.

I had planned on wearing this outfit sans cardigan because it's *spring* but unfortunately that doesn't mean much when it's 60 degrees with a strong breeze. To be a glass half full kinda gal, I will say I'm glad to be wearing a cardigan as opposed to a winter coat :)

t-shirt: forever 21, jeans: urban outfitters, cardigan: cheap monday, shoes: birkenstock (also available via nordstrom, urban outfitters, lord & taylor), bandana: gap (similar from urban outfitters, forever 21, american eagle), lips: chihuahua

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weekend edit


Stuffed & Fried Olives
I hate olives. They're smell and squishy and all around unpalatable. An olive on a slice of pizza or in a salad makes the entire dish inedible for me.  But when I was in Florence my brother convinced me to try these stuffed and fried olives that he had bought off a street cart and I was befuddled-- how could those little morsels of deliciousness be olives?!

Now I'm determined to remake the magic. I've found a few recipes to try out, including this one from Saveur. I'm keeping my fingers crossed I can find one that's just as scrumptious!

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100 Days of Fonts-
There are two types of people in this world. Those who know way too much about fonts and those who don't give a fuck about the difference between Verdana and Tahoma. I definitely fall into the first category.

While on the hunt for font inspo for the blog, I stumbled across the 100 days of font site. The author, Do-Hee Kim, designed graphics using various Google fonts for 100 days. And each and every one is visually stunning. If you're looking for some font inspo or just get a thrill from seeing aesthetically appealing font combinations definitely click through.

Blogging Schedule Fail
At the start of the month I told myself that I would be a more organized blogger. I wrote down a set of goals for the month and half heartedly tried to use an editorial calendar. Perhaps a digital calendar would be an improvement?

While my blogging schedule has improved from prior months, I didn't manage to hit the goals I set for myself. The biggest problem I had was with shooting outfits. For every 5 outfits that I get photos for, maybe 2 of them end up on the blog. Mostly because they're taken in a hurry after I nag one of my family members to help me out. While taking my own outfit photos has a much higher success rate, it's also a lot more time consuming (and a lot more awkward.)

Most of the time I end up editing my photos and writing my copy either the night before or the morning of the post. It's too much for me to hope to be one of those people who schedules 2 weeks in advance, but I wish I could manage to schedule them perhaps 2 or 3 days ahead.

If anyone has tips on keeping a schedule for blogging or being a more consistent blogger, please share!

Color Crave
Around the same time every year, I get bit by the boho bug. And the time has come. I want bell sleeved tops, brightly printed dresses, and strappy sandals. I'm tired of wearing all black for months on end (not that I couldn't go for an all black outfit now and then.) I need some color in my life!

The red zara shoes I featured in my previous post is the perfect starting piece for my revived spring wardrobe. Next up I'm thinking of adding some brightly colored dresses (that are also kind to food-babies ;).)

When I want to dip my toes in the warm weather clothing pool, I always reach for a dress because they're the easiest piece to transition for me. While it's a bit chillier, I can easily grab a cardigan or jacket to warm myself up. And when the sun comes out to play, I can ditch the outer layer and slip on some sandals. Easy as pie.

blah blah blah


I'm in too much of a hurry to properly right a little blurb here today. Instead here are a bunch of disjointed thoughts on this look:

  • These red shoes are my fav... even if they give me blisters.
  • Rolled sleeve t-shirts are my current go to because you can literally wear them with everything.
  • Another day, another black outfit.
Hope you have a great Tuesday!!

overalls: h&m (similar from topshop, asos, free people), t-shirt: asos, sunglasses: illesteva, shoes: zara, lipstick: ysl

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