End of the Season: Fall Beauty Favorites

Now that fall is wrapping up *officially* it's time for me to share my beauty favorites of the season! Fall felt like the longest season of all this year which made it harder for me to narrow down my favorites because there were so many contenders. As result, there are a few more favorites than usual.

1. Sioris Time Is Running Out Mist

$19.00 available via Amazon Prime, Melody Cosme, & Ohlolly

Where have you been all my life? I'm already on my second bottle.

This bi-phase mist is the perfect way to apply a thin layer of oil on my skin. I started using it in the summer because I didn't need a full-on oil in my skincare routines because of the humidity. But as it's gotten drier, I still find myself reaching for this in my morning routines for the first step of an oil sandwich (aka a layer of oil, moisturizer, and another layer of oil.)

Unlike a traditional oil, this is quickly and readily absorbed into my skin. There's no wait time. So I don't have to worry about it pilling with my moisturizer or sunscreen.

If you're a mist skeptic or hate the feeling of oils on your skin-- this mist might just change your mind.

2. Olaplex Hair Perfector No. 3

$28.00 via Sephora & Revolve
$34.99 for a 2 pack via Costco (must have membership to purchase)

This lives up to the hype. My hair is softer, shinier, and stronger after using this. It also enhances the curl pattern of my hair! I bought their new shampoo + conditioner during the last Sephora sale so I'll be dedicating a proper post to the line in the new year.

3. Live Love Polish Holographic Glitter Polish in Private Cabana (PR)

$16.00 via Live Love Polish

Nail polishes these days love to throw out the word holographic left and right, without actually delivering on those holo promises. But this, my lovelies, is a true holographic polish. And it's the most glorious holographic polish I've tried!

There's no streakiness. It's pretty much opaque in one layer (I apply two just in case.) It dries very quickly and has a decent wear time-- I'll get some chipping within the week but because it's a thin polish, I can easily touch up.

Most importantly, it looks glorious in direct sunlight and under crappy indoor lighting.

4. Colourpop Super Shock Shadow in Roy G. Biv

$5.00 via Colourpop

Can you believe I've been sleeping on the Colourpop super shock shadows for this long? In my defense, I find the whole line overwhelming as it seems they release another limited edition collection every week. But I finally caved for their holiday collection and have 0 regrets-- this eyeshadow is my new favorite.

It's shining, shimmering, splendid. It gives my lids an almost glossy look in the sunlight, except it isn't actual gloss-- it's just a very fine glitter. It also wears really well over eyeshadow primer; there have been days where I've worn it for over 12 years and by nighttime, there's minimal creasing in my lid. I get a tiny bit of glitter fallout during application but none afterward.

This has definitely been the year of cream shadows for me-- it started off with Chanel New Moon in the winter, followed by Rituel de Fille Ara in the summer, and now I'm wrapping things up with Colourpop Roy G. Biv (btw I still love and regularly use the other two too.)

I included a selfie of me wearing it below but it doesn't give the shade justice. It's so much more dynamic IRL! I'll include a video on my instagram stories in an attempt to capture it's beauty.

5. Flesh Fleshy Lips Lipstick in Chew (PR)

$18.00 via Ulta

While this is called a lipstick, it wears like a tinted lip balm so I call it a tinted lip balm.

It's very hydrating without feeling overly slippy on the lips. My lips stay hydrated for a few hours when I wear this. I've eaten light snacks + sipped on water and it still sticks around. It enhances the natural color of my lips with a neutral rosey tint. The packaging is sturdy, with the cap clicking into place. I've tossed it into my bag plenty of times with 0 accidents or casualties. Overall I have 0 complaints-- it's become my go-to MLBB lip product.

6. Laneige Fresh Calming Toner (PR)

$27.00 via Sephora & Laneige

I've sang all the praises for this toner on IG many, many times. I love it because it's simple and easy to layer. I can quickly pat on multiple layers without making my face sticky-- I think because it's glycerin. Not that glycerin is a bad ingredient, it's actually a good ingredient that works as a humectant! The downside is if you like doing multiple layers of skincare,  it can make things sticky.

Overall this toner has a very straightforward ingredient list free of EOs and fragrance. It's very thin and almost feels like water. I've actually decanted mine into a mist bottle so I can spritz 3 or 4 layers within a few minutes. It instantly gives moisture back to my skin post-cleansing.

7. Olivarrier Dual Moist Hyaluron Essence

$26.00 - $40.00 (retailers listed from lowest to highest prices): YesStyle, Amazon Prime, Ohlolly, & Peach & Lily

To me, this is somewhere between an essence, toner, and serum. It's milky and viscous and has some "heft" to it. Either way, it departs a whole lotta moisture to my skin! On the nights where I want to do the most minimal routines, I'll usually reach for this because it does the most with minimal effort.

The ingredient list has plenty of nourishing, dry-skin friendly ingredients including Squalane, Sodium Hyaluronate, Panthenol, and Madecassoside-- all of which help moisturize my skin.

If you have sensitive skin, I totally recommend their line because their products are formulated without a lot of common skin irritants like alcohol, fragrance, and essential oils. And most of the line features squalane aka one of my favorite oils out there (did a whole post on it last year.)

8. Krave Beauty Beet the Sun/ the Beet Shield

$20.00 via Krave Beauty

I wrote a whole post dedicated to this sunscreen so I won't get into it again. You can read my thoughts here-- Krave Beauty sunscreen review ๐Ÿ˜‡

9. Pai Rosehip Oil (PR)

$40.00 via the Detox Market, Nordstrom, Credo, Neiman Marcus, Beautylish, & Follain

I've tried quite a few rosehip oils throughout the years and they all left me feeling excessively oily and stinkin' like a fish. But the Pai rosehip oil is actually absorbed by my face AND doesn't smell like death. It is a heavier oil so I mostly use it in my nighttime routines because I have to wait for it to absorb, otherwise, it will pill with most of my heavier moisturizers. But it's worth the wait because my skin is noticeably less dry in the mornings when I use it the previous night!

Lately, I find myself very restrained with acids and actives (aka AHAs, BHAs, vit C, etc.) so I like to compensate for my lack of heavy acid usage by using gentler products and ingredients that promote skin healing. I may not see overnight visible results with these products, but they help my skin in the long term. This oil is one of such products. Not only has rosehip oil been shown to help with acne, but it's also rich in antioxidants and vitamin A! Lab Muffin has a whole post about it!

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