Last Minute Beauty Lovers Holiday Gift Guide

I told myself I wasn't going to create any holiday content... but yet, here we are. It doesn't really feel like the holidays so it's hard for me to grasp that there are a mere 2 weeks until Christmas. But talking about presents always puts me in the holiday spirit so here we are with beauty gifts for beauty lovers (...and also some beauty gifts for those who aren't as beauty obsessed.)

This list is by no means exhaustive because I don't have 3 years to write this post nor do y'all have that sorta time to read it. So instead I've narrowed it down to a couple items per each price category plus the last minute shipping details because who wants to deal with the holiday crowds in stores?

Bonus: a lot of retailers who usually charge you for shipping, are offering free shipping for the holidays!

I didn't include any gift sets sold at Sephora, because I already published a best of skincare gift sets at Sephora post last month!

$35 & Under

Colourpop Chasing Rainbows Eyeshadow Palette

$20.00 via Colourpop and Ulta
Colourpop: free shipping over $30-- but watch out because they've been doing a lot of free shipping promos for the holidays
Ulta: free shipping over $35

A part of me hopes Colourpop makes this palette permanent because it has such a fun color story! For $20 you get yellows, blues, and pinks! Plus the quality for the price is pretty freakin' good. The shades swatch nicely and wear well over eyeshadow primer. And even though there are a lot of bright colors, there's still a cohesiveness to the palette which makes it easy to use.

If you have a friend who likes going out and wearing fun, colorful makeup or even simpler pops of colors-- this palette is a fitting gift.

ohii Magic Hour Eyeshadow Palette

$24.00 via Urban Outfitters
Free shipping orders over $50+ but they've been having a lot of free shipping promos lately

I reviewed this in a post back in September but I'm still a fan of the palette! Like the Colourpop palette, I think it gives a lot of fun pops of colors in an affordable way. And the shades are all really easy to wear. While the Colourpop offers bold pops of color, these are more subtle.

Dermstore Beautyfix- Asian Beauty 2018

$24.95 via Dermstore
Free shipping on all orders

This set features all the Asian beauty classics-- cleansing oil, essence, and sheet mask! I love sets like these because you get to try so many minis without committing long-term to any product. Plus you get a travel sized set of Koh Gen Do cleansing wipes which usually retail for $17 just by themselves!

The products in this set really work with any skin type, regardless of age. It's an easy present for any skincare lover in your life.

Herbivore Botanicals Oil Kit

$29.00 via Nordstrom (was available elsewhere but it sold out)
Nordstrom: free shipping + returns-- order by noon on the 18th for free standard shipping arriving before Christmas eve; all holiday shipping info here

At this point, I've tried most of Herbivore's lineup and I think their oils are what they do best. For the price of one of their minis, this set allows you to try all 3! It's the perfect way to try them all and see which one works best for your skin type.

It's also a good starter kit for anybody who doesn't use oils in their skincare routines. With this kit, they get a taste for a light, medium, and heavier oil!

Glossier Cloud Paint Duo

$30.00 via Glossier
Glossier holiday shipping deets here (in the top right corner)-- order by the 11th to get free standard shipping before Christmas

Another fun makeup item for makeup lovers of all ages. These can be built up or down, work for teens and on more mature skin. Plus you can mix and match them to make new shades!

Also can be used to convinced your anti-Glossier friend that glossier does have *some* pigmented products.

Boy Smells Holiday Candles

$32.00 via Nordstrom & Antidote
Nordstrom: free shipping + returns-- order by noon on the 18th for free standard shipping arriving before Christmas eve; all holiday shipping info here
Antidote: free shipping from Miami-- order by the 20th to receive packages by Christmas Eve (not sure if this includes free shipping); all holiday shipping info here

To put it in internet speak, I'mma hoe for Boy Smells candles. Their scents are so deliciously unique-- tbh I would call them the Salt n' Straw of the olfactory world. All their scents balance sweet and deeper/ smokier/ woodsier notes, and the dichotomy works every single time. They burn even and have a really nice throw. And for a luxury, hand-poured, made in the US candle, the prices are very reasonable (for my budget.)

For the holidays they released 3 of their signature scents in Limited Edition matte red jars. If you don't care about the packaging, you can get the same scents for $3 less in their classic glossy, black jars.

Gift them to anyone and everyone.

Sokoglam Best of K-Beauty Mini Set

$32.00 via Soko Glam
Free shipping on all orders through December

Have a friend who's interested in getting into K-beauty but is overwhelmed with the skincare diet and glass skin and the 10 step method and all that jazz? This set is the perfect way to dip their toes in the pool of K-beauty.

While it does come with a lot of products (10 plus a holographic pouch to be exact!) they're all minis plus there are instructions on how to use them. It features some K-beauty staples like skinrxlab's made cera cream, klair's vitamin e sleeping mask, and neogen's micro-essence. Also because they're minis, if they don't like any of the products it's no big deal because the commitment is small.

Credo Hydrator Set

Credo: free shipping on all orders through 12/13

Here we have another kit fit for a skincare junkie-- but I think it also doubles as a kit that's perfect for someone who travels a lot. It's got a 5 different minis, all focused on moisturizing the skin. With this set you can mist on-board or even mask, and then wash your face and moisturize post-flight.

They also have 2 other sets for $35! One features an Indie Lee cleanser and the other features a Herbivore green tea toner.

Follain Clean Makeup Starter Kit

$35.00 via Follain
Includes free shipping + returns

As much as I love green beauty, there's no doubt about it that it gets pricey. This set features 4 items and a bag-- and 2 of them are full-sized! And while some green beauty items may not be as pigmented or easy to apply, the items in this set are on par with their traditional counterparts.

The cult-classic RMS luminizer retails for $38 alone! So if you know someone who has been lusting over it, now is your chance to make all their dreams come true.

Out of Stock But Worth Mentioning: Best of Dermstore Kit-- available at Dermstore & Target
This kit is currently sold out on both sites BUT you might have luck finding it at your local Target store (retails for $24.95 but as of writing this post, they're doing BOGO 50% off!) It includes minis of so many cult favorites-- Bioderma micellar water, DHC cleansing oil, Erno Lazlo eye masks, Sunday Riley good genes (literally $50 worth), plus more!

$75 and under

Pai Skincare In Your Element Collection

$40.00 available via the Detox Market, Credo, Cult Beauty, & Beautylish
Detox Market: free shipping on orders $80+
Credo: free shipping on all orders through 11/13
Cult Beauty: free worldwide shipping on orders £40+
Beautylish: free Fed-ex 2 day business: they have the fastest shipping of all the beauty retailers. Sometimes I'll get my packages the day after I ordered them!

For the holidays, Pai came out with 4 different gift sets featuring travel sized versions of their rosehip oil which has become a fast favorite of mine this winter. It's rich and moisturizing BUT also benefits acne prone skin (read Lab Muffin's post on the benefits of linoleic rich rosehip oil for acne here!) As a bonus, this rosehip oil doesn't smell like dead fish (most others do imo) and even the mini size included will last you months.

lilah b. Aglow Face Set

Through 11/14 get 20% off sitewide with code "FESTIVE20" + free holiday shipping

Dare I say it-- I like this mist better than the Tatcha dewy setting spray. While the Tatcha gives the appearance of dewy skin, this does the same while also hydrating my skin and actually making it dewy. It's pricey but because I only use a spritz or two over my makeup, it lasts forever. I've been using it for 2 months and it looks like it's barely been touched.

If you know someone looking for that glass skin aesthetic, this is the gift for them.

Overose Candles

$50 - $55 via Cult Beauty
Includes free worldwide shipping

I'm convinced that fancy candles are the perfect gift for anybody. Sure, everyone won't spend the money themselves-- but they sure as hell will appreciate them when gifted. I'm convinced of this because I've converted my dad into a fancy candle lover. He's in awe of how long they last and how strong and unique the scents are. Overose candles have the plus of also looking aesthetic AF.

Alternatively, if you have a friend who's into Diptyque and Byredo and Jo Malone, gift them an Overose candle and let them know it's the next big thing. Cool kid status confirmed.

You can buy these candles from US retailers, and will probably have better luck with shipping times. BUT the prices are higher. You can find them at the StellRevolve, and Anomie.

Oskia Brightening Heroes

$68 via Cult Beauty
Includes free worldwide shipping

Oskia's renaissance cleansing gel was hands down one of my best beauty discoveries for 2018. It can work for any skin type because it's a gentle cleanser that rinses of clean. I love using it as a morning cleanser because when left on my skin for a few minutes, it doubles as a mask! When I wash it off, my skin feels so soft and hydrated.

This gift set features a cleanser as well as a full-sized mask. It's an ideal gift for someone who deserves to indulge a little with their skincare.

Note: because this is shipped from the UK, if you live in the US or out of the EU-- I'm not sure if this will arrive in time for Christmas.

$150 and under

Slip Silk Pillowcase

$85.00 via Urban Outfitters, DermstoreShopbop, & Anthropologie
UO: free shipping over $50-- all the deets on holiday shipping here
Dermstore: free shipping on all orders
Shopbop: free shipping + returns + Amazon prime eligible
Anthropologie: order by the 20th to receive by Christmas via standard shipping (free over $149 if you sign up for their free loyalty program)

I know Slip does kits every holiday that features a pillowcase and a sleeping mask... but I just don't think the sleeping mask is worth it. The pillowcase on the other hand? 100% worth it! I've been using mine for more than a year now and I'm still absolutely in love it. It helps keep my hair smoother and I *swear* my skin breaks out less than when I use a cotton pillowcase.

Get one for yourself, your brother, your aunt, your next-door neighbor, and even your dog.

Best of Space NK Iconic Heroes

$99.00 via SpaceNK and Bloomingdales
SpaceNK: includes free standard shipping
Bloomingdales: free standard shipping on all orders through 12/20

This is the perfect splurge gift for any bougie basic b*tch in your life. Diptyque? Check. Sunday Riley? Check. Oribe? Omorovicza? Eve Lom? Kevyn Aucoin? Check, check, check, and check!

I'm not sure how many times I can say cult classic in this blog post so let's go for one more time-- this set features multiple cult classics! And these are *bougie* cult classics. I can fully admit to being basic AF and speaking for all the basic b*tches out there, we covet these brands.

Wayne Goss the Eye Set

$130.00 via Beautylish
Free Fed-ex 2 day business: they have the fastest shipping of all the beauty retailers. Sometimes I'll get my packages the day after I ordered them!

I don't think this is the gift to get everyone. If I'm being honest, many people will find it to be a waste of money. BUT for a makeup lover who appreciates the appeal of pillowy soft, handmade Japanese brushes-- this set is the dream. No more scratchy eyeballs. No more patchy creases.

And when you break down the prices-- it comes to $26 per brush which is comparable to MAC or Sigma or Morphe brushes you can buy at major retailers. The only difference is, the quality of the Wayne Goss brushes are far superior and worthy of the price tag.

Also, ordering through Beautylish is an experience in an of itself. They beautifully gift wrap their packages, so that really means you *don't* have to gift wrap anything.

Byredo Candle La Sélection Violette Mini Candle Set

$120.00 via Nordstrom, Byredo & Space NK (sold out everywhere else)
Nordstrom: free shipping + returns-- order by noon on the 18th for free standard shipping arriving before Christmas eve; all holiday shipping info here
Byredo: For free shipping, order by the 17th to reach by the 24th (all the deets here)
Space NK: includes free standard shipping

So you technically don't save any money buying this candle trio-- it's the exact same price to buy them individually. BUT that said, this is a really, really nice set to give someone you really, really love (and if you don't love them-- why are you giving them over $100 worth in candles?)

These aren't you standard mini candles. These are mini candles that burn slowly, evenly, and fill up your bedroom and hallway and tbh probably an entire apartment.

They also have a set with Cotton Poplin, Tree House, & Bohemia.

The Detox Market- Best of Green Beauty Box

$149.00 via the Detox Market
Free shipping included

When it comes to green beauty boxes, the Detox Market does it the best! Their subscription box the Detox Box is consistently one of the best subscription boxes out there, and their end of the year (non subscription) box is maintaining that momento!

It includes 11 products, 4 of which are full-size. Because the products are generally addressing topics like hydration and exfoliation, they work for all types of peoples (and genders!)

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