Another Day, Another Vitamin C: Paula's Choice C25 Super Booster Review


It's been 3 months since I started using the Paula's Choice C25 super booster, so that means it's time for a review!

If you haven't seen my other vitamin C posts from this year, I've also reviewed Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare's Collagen Brighten & Firm Vitamin C Serum as well as the Soko Glam x Cosrx Triple C Lightning Liquid.

On a slightly off-topic PSA: I'm going to work on writing more one product review blog posts. This weekend I reflected on *why* I slacked off on blogging this past year. One thing I noticed is that I focused more on lengthier posts that focused on multiple products. With the rise of social, I felt pressured to save all my long-form beauty content for my blog and all shorter form beauty content for Instagram. But many times I have to chop up my reviews to fit into Instagram's 2100 character limit-- so here we are. Shorter posts naturally take less time to write, which hopefully means I will be blogging more often! (Even if blogging is dying.)

That said, I still have lengthier blog posts planned too! Coming before the end of the year are some sunscreen posts as well as a one brand review on Drunk Elephant! I'm sure there will be more in the works, but that's all I'm promising for now 😉

And now back to the review! Disclosure: I received this serum as PR from the brand, but of course all thoughts are my own and I was under no obligation to talk about it, photograph it, blog about it, etc.

Best Skincare Holiday Kits at the Sephora VIB Sale 2018


The one good thing about the 2018 Sephora VIB stretching out soooo long is that bloggers have more time to procrastinate create content. In previous years, the sale was one and done in a week, this year it's taking almost a month! Like I said in my last post, I like this because it gives VIB and BI an opportunity to buy popular products that sometimes sell out during the Rouge sale.

The dates for the sale this year are:
10/26 - 10/29 and 11/2-11/5: VIB Rouge get 20% off with code ROUGEBONUS
11/9 - 11/12: VIB get 20% off with code VIBBONUS
11/16 - 11/19: Beauty Insiders get 15% off with code BIBONUS

You can use the respective codes an unlimited amount of times in-store and online, within the time frame.

My last blog post was all about my best of the best, overall skincare picks-- from oil cleansers to toners to sunscreens. Today is all about, what are in my opinion, the best holiday skincare gift sets sold at Sephora! Most of these kits feature products I talked about in my previous post.

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