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For the first time in a few years, SpaceNK is holding a warehouse sale in the city! If you're not familiar with Space NK, they're a London based beauty retailer that sells a variety of luxury beauty brands-- from Sunday Riley to Diptyque to Hourglass to Byredo and many, many more. In addition to their own brick and mortar shops and e-commerce site, they also carry smaller curations at Bloomingdale's and Nordstrom.

Their warehouse sale sells a variety of brands at some of the best prices. It's not often that you'll find these splurge-y products at such a deep discount.

The sale is open to the public starting tomorrow morning but I was lucky enough to attend their preview tonight. And of course, it would be selfish of me not to share what I saw with y'all!


At the 260 Sample Sale namesake in Midtown Manhattan!
260 5th Ave, New York, NY 10001


Tuesday, March 27th : 9am-8pm
Wednesday, March 28th & Thursday March 29th : 10am-7pm
Friday March 30th and Saturday March 31st : 10am-8pm
Sunday April 1st: 10am-5pm


Cash & credit cards accepted.

Is it worth hauling ass early in the morning? 

Honestly, yes. If you have a flexible work schedule or are on spring break or are content with playing hooky from wherever you need to be, the sale is definitely worth arriving for. For reference, I got in line at the preview 5 minutes prior to open. By the time I got inside, the candle selection was essentially wiped clean. I grabbed the last candle I could find. So, in this case, I would say early bird most definitely gets the worm!

Now if you can’t make it early in the morning, I still think the sale is worth a visit. They’re staying open for a whole week so I expect them to be relatively well stocked.


The most interesting part of the post, if I say so myself. The flyer says “up to 70%” off and they aren’t bullshitting us. MOST items were marked at least 50% off. These deals are the real deal.

One slightly annoying thing about the sale is that most of the items are not labeled with prices. There are a few exceptions but for the most part, you have to track down a sales associate to scan the product for you. Not a big deal if you go when it’s empty, but it can be a struggle when it’s crowded.

Further down the post, I shared the screenshots from 260samplesale’s Instagram story. They shared the signs that are up on the walls of the sample sales. They list out the brands available in that category as well as the price range. Ie all makeup is $2- $15 and here are the brands available.

Hot Ticket Items 

These are the items that seemed to be going the most quickly! If they’re on your list, I would suggest searching them out first.

  • Sunday Riley Flora & Juno Oils— $30 vs. $90 retail
  • Sunday Riley Blue Moon Cleansing Balm-- $20 vs. $50 retail 
  • They also had Sunday Riley Good Genes, Ceramic Slip cleanser, U.F.O. oil, Tidal Cream, Martian toner and CEO cream but I’m unsure of the prices. They will definitely have them restocked tomorrow at the sale! 
  • Diptyque Candles: $15 vs. $34 retail (2.4 oz) and $20 vs. $65 retail (6.5 oz); because the Diptyque sample didn’t happen this month like usual, people were going HAM on Diptyque. It was the most crowded area throughout most of the preview. The associate working the table said they were not going to restock later on, but who knows!
  • Diptyque perfumes (EDT & EDP): $40 - $60 vs. $65 - $165 retail—they had a decent selection left after I checked out. 
  • Diptyque diffusers, skincare, & body care products including hand lotion, body lotion, cleansing balm, and more-- $15- $20 vs. $35 - $55 retail 
  • Byredo perfumes + body care: Wiped out by the time I got there :’( 
  • Byredo perfumed oil: $20 vs $90 retail

Other Things I Remembered the Prices Of! 

Title is pretty self-explanatory—these are items I remembered the prices of because I personally asked a sales associate or I eavesdropped someone else asking. Some of them are really great steals but they weren’t the products that people were immediately scrambling for.

  • Smith & Cult Polishes: $2 vs. $18 retail 
  • Jinsoon Polishes: $2 vs. $18 retail 
  • Tata Harper Cleansers + Mist: $20 - $30 vs. $60 - $90 retail
  • EVERYTHING HOURGLASS—including ambient lighting powders and palettes, blushes, bronzers, brushes, primers, and more: $10 vs. $$$$$ retail 
  • Makeup by Surratt, Rodial, Chantecaille, & Kevyn Aucoin: Most $10 vs. $$$$ retail 
  • Lipsticks by Kevyn Aucoin & Lipstick Queen: $5 vs. $20+ retail 
  • Everything Bumble & Bumble: $10 everything vs. $$ 
  • GHD Classic Curve Wand: $50 vs. $200 retail 
  • Artis 3 Brush Set: $25 vs. $105 retail 
  • Artis 5 Brush Set: $50 vs. $175 retail 
  • Artis 10 Brush Set: $100 vs. $360 retail 
  • Artis Oval 7 and Artis Oval 10 : $15 vs. $62 - $77 retail 
  • Eve Lom Cleanser: $20 vs. $80 retail 
  • Even Lom Rescue Mask: $20 vs. $50 retail 
  • Malin & Goetz Sets: $15 vs. 
  • All sunscreens: $10 vs. $$$ 
  • Oribe Hairsprays & Styling Sprays: $15 vs $40+ retail 
  • Christophe Robin Hair Masks: $15 vs. $70+ retail


Umm I got caught up in the sample sale head rush and did not get an opportunity to get photos of everything. But here’s what I did capture! As you can see the brand variety was PHENOMENAL. And if you check the price lists I shared above, you'll see that they'll have even more brands available during the public sale (for instance I didn’t spy any Caudalie, Omorovicza, or Tula although they’re all listed on the flyer.) It's tempting me to go back once again later in the week to see what I can find...

Happy Shopping! 

I hope that was helpful! If you end up going to the sale, please do share what you snagged!

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