End of the Year Empties

Initially, I was going to share my 2017 favorites today... but it didn't seem smart to share two favorites posts back to back. Also, I'm struggling to narrow down my 2017 favorites and this buys me a little bit more time 😇

I didn't finish quite as much as I would like in December, but it was by no means a failure. Through the past few months of 2017, I got a lot better at working on finishing up products. At some point, I got a little too good at it and it sucked out some of the joy I get from skincare. Instead of being excited about customizing my routine and trying to improve my skin, I got stressed about not finishing up X amount of products by Y date. Thankfully I have reeled myself back since then. Now I'm trying to find the happy place between being too excited about trying all the new things and getting fixated on empties and project pans. Hopefully, I can find the balance in 2018!

Definitely Repurchase
The more and more empties I write, the more and more pickier I get with what goes into the definitely repurchase category. There are plenty of products that I really, really, really like, but I'm hesitant to include in my definitely repurchase category because that's a big freakin' commitment. There are so many beauty products out there in the world, hell, there are so many beauty products in my own stash that even when I love something, it takes me some time to get around to repurchasing it.

So the definitely repurchase is reserved for the products that I literally cannot imagine living with. They are truly the best of the best of the best... of the best. And then the definitely repurchase category includes products that I do love... but can wait for a sale to repurchase, as well as products that I just like.

Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Cream

$35.00- $48.00 available via SephoraAmazon
The bomb fucking dot com. I wrote a post about it back in June and I still love it just as much. They recently reformulated it, although the new reformulation isn't available in the US yet. I hope I love the new formula just as much as the old.

LJH Propolis Ampoule

$15.00- $38.00 available via Glow Recipe, Target, & Tester Korea
I just talked about this little bottle of sunshine in my last post (aka fall favorites) sooo I ain't going to re-hash things again today.

Cosrx rice sleeping mask (Mikaela Beauty PR gift)

$16.00- $18.00 available via Mikaela Beauty, Ulta, Wishtrend (extra 5% off with code "WISHJAN05"), & Amazon
This is another product I've already reviewed-- I wrote an entire blog post detailing my love for this sleeping mask. It's nourishing and affordable, plus it comes in practical packaging 😍

Maybe Repurchase

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser

$38.00 available via Sephora, Nordstrom, & Bluemercury
There was a time when this was my all time favorite cleanser but it has since been knocked off its pedestal by the Indie Lee Rosehip cleanser. While I still really love this cleanser, it's now my number 2 rather than my number 1!

It's gentle, cleanses off nicely, doesn't leave a film, and most importantly-- does not dry me out!

Rahua Classic Conditioner (the Detox Market PR gift)

$10.00 (travel size) - $36.00 available via the Detox Market, Dermstore, Free People, Sephora, Bloomingdale's, & Barney's
I'm very attached to my $3 Aussie 3 minute miracle moist. It's cheap and sets a very high bar so most pricey conditioners don't make the cut. I surprisingly really, really liked this conditioner! My hair felt very soft afterward and it did a nice job of detangling my messy mane. It also smells really good although I find their scents to be polarizing. I love them but a lot of people do not.

Botanic Farm Grain Ferment Cleansing Sherbert (PR gift)

$30.00 available via Ulta & Amazon 
'Twas a nice cleansing balm ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Huxley Anti-Gravity Cream (Ohlolly PR gift)

$35.00 - $48.00 available via Ohlolly, Nordstrom, Glow Recipe, iHerb, & Costco
When I first started using this moisturizer I thought it was going to be way too heavy and greasy for me. But it’s not! Despite its thick appearance, it absorbed nicely into my skin! It’s definitely one of the heaviest moisturizers I’ve tried and I like that because my skin has been extra dry this winter.

I would even sometimes use it in the summer when the rest of my routine was extra light—ie double cleanse, clay mask, mist once, and moisturize. Like all Huxley products I’ve tried, it smells heavenly. There’s something so so soothing about the scent. They recently released a line of body care products and I must get my hands on them for the scent alone

Skinrx Lab MadeCera Cream

$36.00 available via Ulta, Belk, Cult Beauty, Mochi Beaute, Amazon, & C.O. Bigelow
Another moisturizer that I really, really like. I also reviewed it in the same post that I reviewed the Dr. Jart+ moisturizer. As you might be able to tell from the photos, I had the same issues with the tube pilling as I did with the Dr. Jart+. But it wasn’t as bad as the Dr. Jart+. It only started peeling after I put it through a tube ringer whereas the Dr. Jart+ starts spontaneously peeling halfway through the tube.

I want to try more products from the brand but it’s so hard to get a hold of in the US! I saw they came out with sunscreens, a cleansing balm, and a mist yet have seen 0 US retailers carrying them. If you know of a shop, please let a girl know! I do have their toner from this same line and will be cracking open the bottle of it soon ;)

Huxley Brightly Ever After Essence

$37.00- $58.00 available via YesStyle, Jolse, Bomi Beauty, Nordstrom, & Amazon
Another product I talked about in my fall favorites post ;) The reason it’s in my maybe repurchase list is because it’s quite pricey for the amount of product you get. But if I’m able to find it on sale again I would definitely repurchase, given that I have the space for it in my stash. If you’re following along with my #abnewyearstashchallenge you may know that I have an… indulgent amount of skincare.

Farmacy Beauty Sleep Tight

$48.00 available via Sephora, Cult Beauty, & Farmacy Beauty
When I first started using this sleeping mask I was not a fan. It's got a texture like a balm and it melts into an oil when you apply it. It does take a while to absorb but I don't mind cause my skin is as dry as the Sahara atm. I love how thick and nourishing and heavy this is. It's not something I reach for in the summer but it's been a lifesaver in the winter. I think I have another mini of this somewhere in my stash that I'll probably start using again soon.

Indie Lee Squalane Oil

$32.00 available via Dermstore, Anthropologie, Nordstrom, the Detox Market, & Beautylish
I reviewed this oil in my WTF is squalene post last (omg) year and my thoughts are pretty much the same. I truly love the actual oil but the thing that makes me second guess repurchasing it is the packaging. The dropper fell apart multiple times and while nothing shattered, it was a pain to have to put it together again. Also, the dropper doesn’t reach the bottom of the bottle so I have to strategically pour out the oil the last few times I used it.

Dr. Jart+ Every Sun Day UV Sun Fluid Broad Spectrum SPF 30

$34.00 available via Sephora, Birchbox, & Amazon
I'm almost done with this post and this was the last review to write and I was really procrastinating it but then I remembered I already reviewed it! Huzzah! I shared my thoughts on this sunscreen in my Sunscreen Hoopla! post from this summer 😎

Will Not Repurchase

Ren Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask

$55.00 available via Sephora, Dermstore, Bluemercury, Cult Beauty, & Nordstrom
Just looking at this mask triggers my lemon face. I do not like this at all. I don’t like the chunky consistency, I don’t like how it burns my face, and I don’t like how it barely delivers any results. I especially hate the stinky scent. Overall, a big, big NO from me. At least I’m glad I only bought a mini and not the full size.

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