Fall 2017 Beauty Favorites

While everyone else is sharing their 2017 yearly favorites... I'm over here sharing my fall favorites #procrastinatorproblems. I'm actually not that late because I like to wait for the season to be over before I write my seasonal favorites and technically fall only officially ended a week-ish ago.

I will always aim to be as transparent as possible with my content so as a disclaimer, the items marked with an asterisk* in this post were PR gifts, but even the ones that I didn't mark with the asterisk were also ultimately received as PR gifts. And that does sound a bit convoluted but what I mean is I purchased them myself and started using them, and then afterward I received a second of the item as a PR gift. For example, I purchased the LJH propolis ampoule over the summer, but later in the fall I received another bottle as PR from the brand. So basically everything in this post has been a PR gift at some point.

I try to feature a balance of items that I've personally bought and items I've received as PR because I don't want my platform to become a billboard for advertising PR. When writing this post I thought about changing up the favorites to include products that I've never received as PR because I don't want to seem like a shill. But I decided against that because these are truly my favorite products from the past 3 months and changing that to purposefully include products that weren't my tippy top favorites seems contrary to the point of the post.

So basically yes I did receive these products as PR, but they're all products I have/ would/ will spend my own money on too.

Bougie Bougies Parfumées: Holiday Edition

As I mentioned in my candle smelling adventures post at the beginning of the month, I've become a bit of a candle lover over the past year. The love turned just a teensy bit manic over the holidays with all the sales. Somehow I ended up with a small candle army. I ain't complaining.

While part of me just wants to admire them from afar and leave them untouched, a larger part of me wants to bask in their burning glory 🙆 So here we are!


Low-Key Glam Holiday Look

For a "beauty blogger," I'm not exceptionally skilled at doing my makeup. I would say I'm more of a makeup enthusiast than I am a makeup expert. My look is definitely more fresh and natural than it is polished and glamorous. While I totally admire the look of a full-on glam look on others, I look like and feel like a clown in said look, partially cause I am a potato head.

Today's post inspired by Youtube GRWM videos. Some of these are first impressions (as in I've only used them a couple of times), some of these are products I've been using for months. The look I did is my version of a glam look; although it's still pretty low key. There's no contouring and even though I used three different eyeshadows... the look is simple and monochromatic.

I still haven't mastered the art of the selfie so sorry there's no super detailed shot sharing the look. I did buy a smartphone ring light so hopefully, I can up my selfie game in the new year!

Beauty Gifts 103: Fancy AF Beauty Sleep

With the uprising of 1001 luxury lifestyle brands, the idea of "elevating" random aspects of life triggers a level of eye rolls that would put Liz Lemon to shame. I'm not on board with spending several hundred dollars on shiny stones to shove up my "yoni" but I admit there are some aspects of the "elevated" lifestyle that appeal to a plebe like me. Today I'll be chatting about two gift sets that feature some indulgent lifestyle treat-yo-self items that I would like to think are much more practical than vagina rocks.

And if you're still on the hunt for Christmas presents, these are pretty much universal gifts for any adult. A parent, a best friend, a really, really nice mailman, or my personal favorite: a gift for you from you 😏

Both the sets featured in this post are PR gifts from Dermstore, but I've also purchased the items featured in the sets-- the Slip pillowcase for myself and a mini of the This Works duo as a present 😉

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Beauty Gifts 102: Detox Market's Best of Green Beauty Box

Today we'll be chatting about another skincare gift set, although this one is more a hooray-new-years box rather than a hooray-Christmas box. It's the Detox Market's Best of Green Beauty box!

The PR package housing this set arrived at my doorstep at the beginning of the month so I've gotten a week or two to play with the products. A few of the items were things I already owned. That said, this post isn't going to be a full-on review but rather an overview and first impressions of the products from the box I've tried so far. If I waited to properly review the box, it would be long gone and sold out!

The box retails for $149 and as you've probably deduced at this point, is sold by the Detox Market. It includes everything from haircare to skincare to makeup! In total it has 6 full-sized products and 3 travel-sized minis with a whopping value of $310+. As with all value sets, I recommend ignoring the stated value of the box and instead focus on your personal value by tallying up the cost of the products you know you would use. If that number is higher than the retail price, it's worth a splurge 😏

Bougie Candle Sniffing Adventures: Holiday 2017

2017 was the year I went from laughing at people who spent $50 on candles to buying said candles myself. To be honest, I can fully blame the obsession on President Cheeto. I distinctly remember buying my first Diptyque candle (their Valentine's Day limited edition Rosamundi candle) on the day of his inauguration as a bit of retail therapy. I've been hooked ever since.

I wasn't sure if I was going to publish a haul or not candle because candles are bit more... particular than makeup and skincare. Ultimately I decided instead I'll just share a round-up of holiday candles rather than a haul or not because I'm honestly a candle newbie.

THAT said, I am very committed to this business of beauty/ candle blogging so I sacrificed my time and energy and went stomping around downtown with the very serious task off sniffing all the fancy, holiday candles I could find no it was not an excuse to go window shopping.

I'll also have a follow-up post talking more about the holiday candles that I've bought and burned!

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Beauty Gifts 101: First Aid Beauty & Palermo Body

Now that most of my gift guide posts are doneso (minus candles!!), we can move onto more important shit aka talking about the actual presents 😏 I discussed a LOT of gift sets in my haul or not posts and have picked a select few to focus on in individual posts. If only I had the time, energy, and cash to try out and review every single gift set! Because of the short time frame of the holiday season, I won't be doing dedicated review posts of any of the sets I don't like/ wouldn't recommend. The ones that I did try I briefly reviewed in the anti-haul sections of my makeup, skincare, and everything else beauty haul or not posts.

Disclosure: I recieved both the sets in this post as PR!

Everything Else Beauty Gift Guide: To Haul or Not to Haul

Because I'm only one gal, I can't write a haircare gift guide and a body care gift guide and a fragrance gift guide and a miscellaneous gift guide. Also, I don't want to cause that sounds monotonous as hell. So instead here we are with an everything else beauty gift guide: to haul or not edition! If you don't know what the heck that is, ya clearly haven't read my holiday makeup haul or not and holiday skincare haul or not posts!

P.s. I didn't include candles in this post cause I'm dedicating a post to that special topic 🙃

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