What the hecking heck did I buy at the Sephora VIB Sale

I bounce back and forth on whether haul posts are really useful or not. Alas, I haven't published one in a while so I decided to go for it because even if they aren't the most helpful, they are fun! Plus I had so much build-up with my wish list and anti-haul posts.

Compared to last year's haul, I was very, very good. Of course this year Sephora split the sale into two weekends of VIB Rouge so there are a few things I might pick up this weekend-- I'll share those at the end of the post.

DPHUE Apple Cider Vinegar Scalp Scrub

Available here: $38.00 retail price, $30.40 during the VIB sale

I've used this scalp exfoliator once so far so I can't really say how I like it yet. I do think the reviews of it on the Sephora website are a bit unfair. Scalp scrubs have a learning curve to them and the first time I tried one out I was also like, wtf am I doing???

To get the best results from a scalp exfoliator, you need to part your hair and work it into your scalp all over your head. If you start rubbing it in the same way as a shampoo, it's not gonna do shit and it might even give you a rat's nest like one of the negative reviewers. I've been using them long enough that I can do this in the shower, but if you've never used one before it might be useful to step out of the shower and apply the exfoliator in front of a mirror.

It can be a time-consuming process to apply it all over your scalp in bits, but the results are worth it! I've been using different scalp exfoliators for over a year now and I'm much quicker with applying it now. Also, I don't need to exfoliate my entire scalp anymore.

If I'm consistent with my haircare routine, I can get away with using a scalp exfoliator once a week or every other week.

I chose this one over the Christophe Robin cleansing purifying scrub with sea salt because it's cheaper, a better value $/ oz, and is SLS-free. Both of them use sea salt for physical exfoliation! I prefer sea salt over nut based exfoliators because it melts away in the shower so you don't have to worry about finding little nut pieces when your hair is dry.

Surratt Beauty Artistique Sculpting Brush

Available here: $90.00 retail price, $72.00 during the VIB sale

When I first saw the Surratt Beauty brushes on the Sephora site 2 years ago, my response was YIKESSSS! What fool would spend $100 on stinkin' brushes? Fast forward 2 years and apparently I'm the sucker who is willing to pay ridonkulous prices for brushes.

And I'm very happy with my decision and have had 0 buyer's remorse ๐Ÿ‘ผ

Last weekend I happened to be binge watching some of Karima Mckimmie's videos (if you aren't subbed to her channel, where have you been?) I ended up rewatching her Ride or Die Makeup brushes video. And then I rewatched it 3 more times and made some decisions. I had my "2016 is the year for realizing stuff" moment... except a year and 10 months later.

I took a look at my Sephora wishlist and acknowledged the fact that I have enough makeup and skincare to last a lifetime. Would I rather spend the money on a few trinkets I already have multiples of in my collection or should I invest it in a brush? Obviously, I went with the latter.

I was initially going to purchase the Surratt artistique cheek brush as it seems to be the more reviewed and more popular of two, but I ended up purchasing the sculpting brush instead because I personally prefer an angled brush for applying blush. Plus I already have the Chikuhodo z-4 on my wishlist

Another reason I felt justified in purchasing the brush is because I tried my first squirrel hair brush earlier this year and it was life-changing. I impulse purchased the Wayne Goss airbrush and holy shit y'all, it's the softest thing I've ever touched.

Do you need to spend an arm and a leg on luxury brushes? Absolutely not. Drugstore brushes absolutely can get the job done. Hell, your fingers can get the job done. But I had the budget for the brush and it fills a space in my makeup collection so it was a worthwhile purchase for me.

Surratt Beauty Artistique Blush in Rougeur

Available here: $32.00 retail price, $25.60 during the VIB sale

Soooooo after spending so much time hemming and hawing over my wishlist, I talked myself out of most of the items but somehow ended up semi-impulsively buying two products, not on the list, from Surratt Beauty.

Here's how the story goes.

I was initially reading reviews on Surratt brushes. And while I was reading reviews on Surratt brushes this, people started talking about their blushes and I switched from reading about brushes to blushes. And then I ended up with both a brush and a blush ¯\_(ใƒ„)_/¯

In my defense, I did want the rougeur blush during last year's VIB sale but it sold out online and in-stores.

The formula on this blush is INSANE. It's so soft and almost has a creamy quality to it. While it is quite pigmented, it isn't too powdery nor does it create a lot of kick-up. It blends seamlessly, doesn't emphasize my pores, doesn't cling to my peach fuzz. I'm very tempted to go ahead and pick up another color or two this weekend ๐Ÿ˜ From the two times I've tried it out, I already know that I will be getting a lot of use out of this blush.

Be warned though, the pan is tiny and the packaging isn't the heaviest or most lux. Surratt does sell their own empty palettes for their blushes and eyeshadows but they're big $$. Thankfully Lena over at faceonomics shared that they fit into the empty MUFE palettes which are a whopping $2! I will def be grabbing one for this blush and any future Surratt blushes I buy.

Commodity Fragrances 3x3 Exploration Kit

Available here: $38.00 retail price, $30.40 during the VIB sale

The last item I bought is actually the first item I bought IRL. If you read my VIB sale wishlist post then you know this was one item I 100% knew I would be purchasing going into the sale.

Value wise, it's a steal. The candles included in the set are 0.1 oz bigger than the Diptyque candles that retail for $34 a pop. They also have a really nice throw!

The perfumes are on the small side but I don't mind because I can always buy one of their travel sizes later. They actually come with mists instead of rollerballs ๐Ÿ™Œ

Still in my cart

Because the sale was split into two weekends for rouge members this year, I left a few items in my cart that I might purchase this weekend. I might purchase them all (highly unlikely), I might purchase none of them. Issa surprise!

Sunday Riley Saturn Sulfur Acne Treatment Mask

Available here: $55.00 retail price, $44.00 during the VIB sale

While there was a small fiasco trying to get my hands on this mask, I'm glad I did because I do like it. It doesn't work if I only use it for the 20-30 minutes as suggested on the bottle. But if I wear it as an overnight spot treatment, it works fabulously. It significantly decreased the size of some under the skin bumps I had this week.

The main reason I'm hesitant to purchase it is because of the hefty price tag. I don't intend to use it all over my face a mask but rather as a spot treatment. Will it dry out before I finish the entire thing? Is it worth spending so much on a spot treatment? I'm not sure.

Dior Addict Lip Tattoo in Natural Rosewood

Buy it here: $30.00 retail price, $24.00 during the VIB sale

I just really like lip tints.

Invisibobble Power Hair Ring

Available here: $9.00 retail price, $7.20 during the VIB sale

I didn't include this in my wishlist post but I've been meaning to buy one of these for a while now. I'm tired of using shitty rubber bands that stretch out after a week of use. I'm tired of my saggy ponytails and buns.

My only concern is that I'll lose them after a day and the $9 will be for naught.

Pat Mcgrath Luxetrance Lipstick in Attitude

Available here: $38.00 retail price,  $30.40 during the VIB sale

Due to their price tag, Pat McGrath products never tempted me. I was satisfied in admiring them from afar. On top of that, they were almost always sold in bundles and with lackluster packaging.

But her latest collection is available individually and has lux looking packaging. And of course, I had to swatch some of her new Luxetrance lipsticks last weekend at Sephora. And of course, they were amazing.

One shade in particular that really called to me was "Attitude." It's described as a deep brown rose nude. It's the most beautiful dark nude shade I've ever come across.

While brown and nude shades have been immensely popular over the past few years, it's hard to deny that the options for WOC are still limited compared to those for people with lighter skin tones. Like foundation ranges, most nude lipstick ranges feature a crap ton of lighter shades and then two or three truly medium and deep ones. I say truly medium because so many beauty brands think medium means tan white people, and not people with medium skin tones compared to the entire spectrum of human skin tones ๐Ÿ˜‘  Anyways the whole point of that rant is to say the Pat McGrath line has such a wide variety of nude shades for WOC!

Even if I don't end up picking this color during the sale, I will definitely be buying some from her line sometime in the future.


And that's what I've bought and what I plan on buying! I'm pretty happy with purchases so far ๐Ÿ˜ What have you purchased at the sale? I'm nosy and want to know!

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