Pink Lady Circa 2017

A girl is back with an outfit post after a bagillion years.

Depending on how long you've been reading my blog, you may know that I initially started off as a personal style blogger! While my focus these days is beauty blogging, I'm still interested in style and clothing and all that jazz. The main reason I don't post it is that photographing outfit posts is 10x more tedious than beauty posts, plus I usually end up having to rope someone else into to take the photos.

The plus side of not taking outfit photos in forever is that I have no fucks left to give. When I had been taking these photos, an older lady paused walking down the street to see what I was doing. Usually, this would be the time I would pause and awkwardly pretend I was doing anything but having my picture taken. But since I apparently now give to fucks, I kept going. Turns it the lady actually pointed out that the next alley over had a better wall to match my outfit! And right-o she was! Hence these photos are taken in front of a pretty tan wall (...that I photoshopped pink for an Instagram post 😜 ) instead of a dirty grey one.

The outfit itself is the embodiment of my summer 2017 aesthetic. Easy, breezy, beautiful pink. There's also a good chance it's one of those outfits that are very 2017, and when I look back in future years will think "wtf was I wearing??" (Like these inspired-by Gucci furry loafers that I'm do close to buying despite the fact I thought they were hideous last year, and still kind of do...) But that's okay cause I'm really loving it at the moment!

The jumpsuit has been one of my favorite pieces over the past few months. Every time I wear it I feel like a ballerina. I also like the shoes buuut I wish I had invested in a better pair of mules because these started too look very worn in very soon. I guess if mules are still in next summer I'll have to splurge on a nicer pair!

Jumpsuit: Zara; similar by Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Forever 21; similar by Forever 21, splurge version by Mansur Gavriel

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