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I wasn't sure if I would be scheduling any posts for when I'm on vacation, but then remembered I haven't shared an anti-haul in a while! It was the perfect post to schedule while I'm away. So here's my super quick, not as chatty as usual, anti-haul!

If you haven't heard of an anti-haul before, you can get the primer in my first anti-haul post.

Peace Out Acne Healing Dots
$19 for acne dots? Are you serious? The Cosrx ones are $5, perfectly functional, and literally the same exact thing. There's no way I'm spending $20 on what are essentially hydrocolloid bandages.

It comes with 20 dots which means every time you use one, you're spending $1!

Boscia Charcoal Jelly Ball Cleanser
In a world full of gimmicks, there was one gimmick ready to out-gimmick them all. That gimmick is this cleanser.

I don't understand how anyone is supposed to use a liquidy ball of cleanser? All I imagine is accidentally popping it on myself and getting black slime all over the place. NO THANKS.

They say it's perfect for travel but I say it's perfect for making a mess. Also, it just seems very unsanitary to me. I would never rub the same wash cloth all over my face day after day, so why would I do that with a ball of soap? I'm also gonna go ahead and guess that it doesn't have an acidic pH but that's pure speculation on my part.

Hourglass Confession Ultra Slim High-Intensity Refillable Lipstick
Hourglass makes some ridiculously expensive, pretty shit but a girl has gotta draw the line somewhere. The $34 price tag isn't unusual for a luxury lipstick, but what is unusual is the teeny, tiny amount of product you get. 0.03 oz to be exact.

In comparison, here are a few other lipsticks that also retail for $34-- Burberry's liquid velvets which have 0.2 oz, Nars audacious which have 0.14 oz, & Givenchy's Rouge interdit satin lipsticks which have 0.12 oz.

Also not to body shame this lipstick, but it looks weak af. I would be terrified of accidentally snapping it in half while applying it.

Ole Henrikson Wonderfeel™ Double Cleanser
I'm anti-hauling this shit because of the name alone. While I don't believe that a certain skin care blogger coined the phrase, I do believe in the merits of double cleansing. It annoys me that a brand is using the term and using it incorrectly! Double cleansing implies first cleansing with an oil based cleanser and second cleansing with a "normal" aka foaming/ lathering type cleanser.

There's nothing double about this Ole Henrikson cleanser. It's just another cleanser. And they used the words "Double Cleanser" to sucker in some poor souls into believing this shit will double cleanse for them. Spoiler: it won't.

Woosh Beauty the Eyeliner Wheel
$29 for a plastic brush...?

How about no? Sounds cool in concept but I don't see the point in paying $30 for a mini pizza cutter?? Usually when I'm buying a pricier brush I do so because the materials to make the brush are pricier than cheaper ones, this is literally just plastic...

Also there are so many winged liner hacks out there these days and they seldom ever work. I don't want to spend $30 to find another failure.

Yes to Natural Men Charcoal Detox Paper Mask
One of my marketing pet peeves is when brands package the same exact products differently to men and women. Because god forbid a man uses a sheet mask with a photo of a woman on the front-- the horror.

This mask is literally the same thing as the women's mask...except it says "FOR MEN" on it. It claims it is "designed specifically for men" but besides for the outer packaging, it's the same freakin thing!

As always if you enjoy some of these products or want to try them or whatever, you do you boo! Everyone has got different preferences 😉 What are you anti-hauling these days?

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