An Intro to Anthropologie's Beauty Section

Anthropologie has seriously been stepping up their game lately. They finally started offering free shipping! And in addition to their usual selection of cute clothes, they've got beautiful furniture and a growing collection of beauty products. Because I can't afford any of their furniture (...and don't have anywhere to put it), I'll stick to the beauty section.

At the moment Anthropologie is offering 20% off all purchases for anyone with an anthro perks account, which is free to sign up for! They have a surprisingly vast collection of brands ranging from de Mamiel to Palermo Body to Kypris to Sunday Riley! And as these brands seldom go on sale, ya gotta take advantage when they do!

Personally, I bought the Indie Lee squalane oil last night aaaaand might have to go back and get the De Mamiel restorative cleansing balm I talked about in my post no-buy wishlist.

While I wait for my squalane oil to arrive in the mail, I wanted to share my sale recommendations and talk about the products I already have in my stash! I had initially meant to make this an instagram post but I didn't think I could fit everything I wanted to say into my caption. None of my reviews in this post are particularly in-depth, but collectively they're too much for Instagram to handle!

Kypris Antioxidant Dew
I bought this serum during the last anthro sale and I'm obsessed. It has a beautiful ingredient list and provides the perfect amount of hydration. Also, let's be real, the packaging is stunning too! I'll be sharing a more in-depth review of this serum soon!

Palermo Body Vitamin C Mask (PR gift)
This is my first powdered mask and I am impressed so far! I had a little fangirl festival over it on my Instagram when I first got it ;)

Sunday Riley Good Genes
I routinely call good genes the love of my life. It's funny because the first time I bought it I wasn't a fan and didn't get the hype at all. Oh, how the tables have turned. I've been using it for about half a year now and can say that it's changed the texture of my skin for the better. My bottle is slowly dwindling down and hopefully, I can write a review before that happens!

Youth to the People Age Prevention Cream
Surprise, surprise, yet another product I've reviewed on my Instagram! So refreshing-- it's like a salad for your face ๐Ÿ˜‹

I'm also tempted to get their serum as I'm almost done with my current Vitamin c!

French Girl Organics Facial Polish
Sadly I haven't gotten a chance to try this out yet, but I had to mention it since I'm entranced by the brand. Amelia reviewed a bunch of products of theirs on her blog! And the facial polish was her favorite!

Leaders Sheet Masks
Leaders makes my favorite sheet masks of all time so whenever I see a sale on them I usually can't help but pick up a few. Their 7 wonders sheet masks are so soothing and perfect for summer! I've tried a handful of hydrogel sheet masks and theirs have the best fit of them all! It's like a second skin basically.

Karuna Sheet Masks
Confession: I'm automatically wary of sheet masks that aren't made in Asia. I have a few of these Karuna ones in my stash but I haven't tried any yet. They are quite pricey so if you're curious about them too, the 20% off is a nice incentive to take the plunge (although depending on where you live you may be able to find them at TJ Maxx! That's where I got mine.)

Body Care
Palermo Body Tea Tree + Grapefruit Body Scrub (PR gift)
Once again, this is a product I've reviewed over on Instagram ๐Ÿ˜†

As temperatures rise and hemlines get shorter, I've been motivated to take better care of my body. Dry flakes and bumpy skin be gone! This scrub has been elemental in the battle towards smooth skin.

Mario Badescu AHA Botanical Body Soap
Nobody likes talking about bacne, but more than that, nobody likes having bacne. The AHAs in this body wash have significantly helped with my own bacne situation.

The chemical exfoliants in this wash combined with the physical exfoliation of the Palermo Body scrub has helped me shed my gross outer layer of dry, winter skin all over my body.

Londontown Lakur Polishes (PR gift)
When it comes to beauty products, nail polishes are one of those products with the most... questionable ingredients. I've always tried to stick to 7-free polishes in the past but I admit it isn't something I've been super cognisant of. These polishes are vegan, cruelty-free, and 9-free, plus Eva Chen likes them. And if Eva Chen likes them, then so do I ๐Ÿ˜Ž

I have a few different colors from them and they all wear well! I'm always wary of light pinks and nudes because they usually end up being sheer and watery-- but the two I've tried from them aren't! It's easy to get an opaque look with two layers ๐Ÿ™Œ

Smith's Rosebud Salve
Does this even need an introduction? I've gone through so many tins of this through the years I've lost count. It smells so good and hydrates the lips very well!

I had no idea it came in a mocha rose flavor, you best believe I will be picking that one up next time!

RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek Stain
Blush has been my latest makeup obsession and I've realllly been liking cream/ gel formulas. I haven't worn this RMS blush too many times as I've only had it for a week, but I have been lusting over it for months. It's so pigmented, blends easily, and doesn't emphasize my pores. I'm highly tempted to pick up 'illusive' and 'beloved' next!

Eve Lom Kiss Mix
I've only used this a few times so far, so all I can say is that it's nice. It's on the thicker side and provides a good amount of moisture.

But what I really want to try are their new tinted versions, and thankfully Anthro has them!

Voluspa 3 Wick Candles
I've become a bit of a candle addict lately and Voluspa candles are what I would classify as an affordable luxury. They're certainly more expensive than the candles you could pick up at TJ Maxx, but they're also a lot cheaper than other luxury brands like Diptyque or Byredo.

Their candles come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and prices but their 3 wicks are my personal favorite. Because they're so wide and shallow, they're an ease to light. And because their are 3 wicks, the burn is very even. I have one in the scent Goji Berry which has a very refreshing, citrusy scent. Next on my wish list are Panjore Lychee and French Cade Lavender.

Tocca Perfumes (PR gift)
I was scent a few fragrances from Tocca the other month and ended up buying a few travel sized minis for myself... and I love them all! Their scents are lightweight and don't have any sort of chemically/ alcohol-y undertones like so many other perfumes. Plus they last all day long!

Anthro has the cutest mini bottles of their perfumes that I haven't seen anywhere else. They have 0.5 fl. oz of fragrance and only retail for $20! And that's before the 20% off ๐Ÿ˜‰

And those are my Anthro sale recs! Are you getting anything at the sale? Asides from the skincare I mentioned in my intro, I'm also contemplating an Artis brush or a slip pillowcase #treatyoself

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