The Post No-Buy Haul | What I Bought in June


Back in May I completed my first successful no-buy! I did falter a bit towards the end... but I'm still calling it a success because I spent about $10 in literal pocket change. Once June hit I was afraid I would go crazy and buy all the things. Thankfully I was able to show some self-restraint and only bought a few things.

As the month went on, I bought a few more things but nothing too crazy. Since I haven't done a haul in a while, I figured I would share what I got. I'll be reviewing some of the products down the line so I didn't do any first impressions here. This post was pretty much just an excuse for me to take photos of new shit 😜

Masks of the Week #1 | Neogen Bubbling Mask, Llang Tea Tree Mask, & Bonvivant That Day Mask Review


And here I go again starting another series! In my defense, I think I've been pretty good with my series lately. My Dresser Diaries, Anti-haul, and Beauty in the City series have all started racking up posts and I hopefully (fingers crossed) have another WTF post coming up soon.

So I feel confident in saying I'm ready to kick off this new series!

I have about a bagillion sheet masks and wash off masks and peel off masks and any other type of mask you can think of. And in an effort to combat my hoarder tendencies, I decided to start this series so I've got an incentive to mask more!

I can't commit to actually doing this series every week, but hopefully, it can become a semi-frequent thing! If you've got any masks you think I need to try or would like to see me review, lemme know :)

It's Summer? Here's My Spring Beauty Favorites


Now that summer is officially upon us Northern Hemisphere-ers, what better time to share my spring favorites /s?

You may have noticed that I haven't shared a monthly beauty favorites in quite some time (and if you haven't noticed, no worry I won't be offended, I barely noticed myself...) Most of the favorites I would feature were products I used for more than a month, because can you really call it a favorite if you've only used it for a week? And then were were products that I used constantly over a period of a few months, but I didn't want to feature the same products over and over again in monthly favorites. I sent out a feeler on Instagram to see if people would be interested in reading a seasonal favorites post instead and got a good reaction!

Without further delay, here are the products I've been loving the most over the past few months.

From Seoul to Soho: Soko Glam Bloomingdale's Pop-Up | Beauty in the City


With the rising popularity of K-beauty in the US, there comes a rising number of K-beauty businesses run by entrepreneurial women. And that's definitely something I can behind... and throw money at 😜

Earlier this year Glow Recipe opened a month-long pop-up downtown (which I visited and wrote a post about here) and later opened up another pop-up uptown...ish at Saks. The latest addition to the NYC K-beauty scene is the Soko Glam pop-up in Bloomingdale's!

If you're not familiar with Soko Glam, here's the quick low-down:

The company was founded by Charlotte Cho (and her husband) and aimed to introduce the Korean approach to skincare to a global audience. In addition to the shop, she's also written a book titled The Little Book of Skin Care: Korean Beauty Secrets for Healthy, Glowing Skin and is the editor in chief of Soko Glam's accompanying blog: the Klog. At the end of last year, she worked with Neogen to come up with their Green Tea stick cleanser and then this year she partnered with Cosrx to formulate their exclusive-to-Soko-Glam vitamin C serum. Basically, she is #skincareaddictgoals.

To learn more about the brand and Charlotte, check out their "our story" page on their site.

Onto the pop-up!

Leaders Lately | Dresser Diaries Volume IV


While most bloggers will tell you blogging isn't all about PR, that doesn't mean we don't get excited about press samples and collaborations and the likes. Getting my 1000th press email will be just as thrilling and humbling as receiving my 1st one was. My two favorite emails are from new, burgeoning brands and brands that I've purchased from time and time again. And Leaders falls into category numero dos! The first time I received a PR email from them I had a mini fan-girl moment because they make my favorite sheet masks of all time (their 7 wonders coconut gel ones-- try it and thank me later.)

Today I'm collaborating with them on this post chatting about some of their new releases I've been testing over the past month!

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An Intro to Anthropologie's Beauty Section


Anthropologie has seriously been stepping up their game lately. They finally started offering free shipping! And in addition to their usual selection of cute clothes, they've got beautiful furniture and a growing collection of beauty products. Because I can't afford any of their furniture (...and don't have anywhere to put it), I'll stick to the beauty section.

At the moment Anthropologie is offering 20% off all purchases for anyone with an anthro perks account, which is free to sign up for! They have a surprisingly vast collection of brands ranging from de Mamiel to Palermo Body to Kypris to Sunday Riley! And as these brands seldom go on sale, ya gotta take advantage when they do!

Personally, I bought the Indie Lee squalane oil last night aaaaand might have to go back and get the De Mamiel restorative cleansing balm I talked about in my post no-buy wishlist.

While I wait for my squalane oil to arrive in the mail, I wanted to share my sale recommendations and talk about the products I already have in my stash! I had initially meant to make this an instagram post but I didn't think I could fit everything I wanted to say into my caption. None of my reviews in this post are particularly in-depth, but collectively they're too much for Instagram to handle!

Ceramide Smackdown: Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Cream vs. Skinrx Lab MadeCera Cream


I basically recommend the Dr. Jart+ ceramidin cream to everyone I meet. Got dry skin? Try the ceramidin cream. Then the Madecera cream came along. As soon as I spotted its hot pink bottle on the Urban Outfitters website I wanted it. And then I snuck a peak at its ingredient list and added it to my cart.

After sharing both creams in my daily routines over on Instagram (@sharmtoaster), I've gotten requests to compare the two! After all they are both ceramide creams. I had so many other posts I wanted to share this review/ comparison kept on getting pushed further and further back... but in my quest to clear up my drafts folder on blogger, the post is finally going live! Hallelujah for spring cleaning!

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5 Ways to Find New Instagram Accounts to Follow


I've talked briefly about the "business" side of Instagram before-- first in a post about how I've been growing my following lately and another regarding the dreaded shadowban. But creating and promoting my own content is only half of my Instagram experience, the other half is following other accounts and enjoying the content that my fellow Instagrammers are sharing.

And just like every other aspect of Instagram, discovering new accounts hasn't been as easy because of the new algorithm. The discover page for me is 50% spammy shit that I have no interest in seeing or following (or also accounts I've unfollowed recently...why?) No, I do not want to see some idiot applying her makeup with a geode for attention. No, I do not want to see random Bollywood dance accounts (which annoyed me because they deciphered that I'm Indian so I clearly must be a fan of all things Bollywood despite the fact that I do not follow/ like any similar content.)

At this point, I pretty much ignore the discovery page but on the bright side, I have found a few ways to find new accounts to follow! It's a bit more effort than looking at the discovery page, but it's a worthwhile investment!

Even though everyone has different criteria for following an account, I think these tips are pretty universal-- whether you're a brand looking for new influencers or if you've found a new hobby and want to find new accounts to follow these tips should help!

Personally, I mostly follow beauty/ skincare accounts as well as a handful of food and landscape photography/ travel accounts. I'm shallow and the first thing I look for are pretty pictures. After that, I like reading captions as I like to follow people I feel I can relate to or connect with. Anyways, onwards to the tips!

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