the Post No-Buy Wish List

Hello. people of the internets! I'm checking in to say that my no buy is going well and strong! But now that the end is approaching... I'm itching to make a purchase or two.

And even though I'm chatting about spending $$, I do feel refreshed from doing this no buy. I don't feel tempted by every sale I see because I know there will be another one in the future. I don't feel tempted to buy X new item because I already know I have 5 similar items, sitting unopened in my stash. I can't say I'll be the perfectly conscious consumer in the future, but I think I've reigned in my spending habits a bit.

All of the items on this list are a) a bit splurgy and b) ones I've been thinking about for some time. Reason a is because I'm telling myself I deserve to treat myself after my no buy and also because I don't mind spending more on less-- I'd rather have 1 item I really crave over 4 or 5 items I'm meh about. And reason b is because I'm tryna be an adult over here.

1. Birchbox x Vogue 125th Anniversary Limited Edition Box
Since I've only known about this box for a day, it's quite obvious that I have not been thinking about it for a month. If you read my previous post, anti-haul #3, then you may remember that I anti-hauled the Cult Beauty x CH box because I wasn't planning on purchasing most of the individual items featured in the box in the first place. My personal value would not line up with the claimed retail value of the box.

But that ain't the case with this box. I had been planning to purchase two of the items in the box after my no buy was over-- the Charlotte Tilbury dry sheet mask and the RMS beauty lip2cheek tint. Those two alone retail for a combination of $58. I've also been contemplating purchasing about the Herbivore rose hibiscus mist and the Ouai rose hair and body oil which adds another $41 in value. So already my personal value is higher than the cost of the box!

In addition, I got pulled in by the fact that the eyeshadow, lipstick, and lip2cheek tint are all limited edition shades of "Vogue Pink." It's basically Instagram porn for me #gimmeallthepink.

Bonus: birchbox currently has two promo codes-- 10% off with "HELLO" and 15% off with "TAKE15" ๐Ÿ˜Ž

2. de Mamiel Botaniques Restorative Cleansing Balm
The wonderous thing about being a newbie in the green beauty world is discovering the shitton of brands that are out there. And I want them all.

Everything about this cleansing balm is luxurious. Even the name is luxurious. It's basically luxury in a tub. I'm almost done with my Sunday Riley blue moon cleansing balm mini and am looking forward to trying out another lux cleansing balm (ignoring the fact that I have an Omorovicza one I have yet to pop open.)

This de Mamiel cleansing balm is made in small batches (music to my ears) and is filled to the brim with fancy oils. Some skincare items have a luxury price tag but don't have the ingredient list to justify it, but that isn't the case at all for this balm. The first two ingredients in this balm are Camellia oil and Mango butter. Compare that to the Tatcha camellia oil which has caprylic/capric triglyceride and ethylhexyl palmitate as the first two ingredients-- they aren't bad ingredients but also aren't ones I want to be paying $95 for.

3. RODIN olio lusso Lux Lipstick in 'Red Hedy'
I don't need any more lipstick, and I really don't need any more red lipstick. But alas, I'm allured by the clear packaging and all things Rodin. It's one of those brands that automatically makes me feel fancier. Yes it's superficial as fuck but hey, it makes me happy!

Also, I really want to find out if it's truly worth the $38. I'm low key justifying this purchase by telling myself I didn't get any of the Tom Ford lips & boys lipsticks even though I was tempted to (they didn't seem worth it from my in-store swatching.)

4. Kjaer Weis Cream Blush in 'Abundance'
Like Rodin, Kjaer Weis is another one of those brands that automatically makes me feel fancy af (or I would like to imagine as I have yet to buy any of their products.) I may not be a super successful millionaire, but I feel like I have the confidence and ability to be one, one day after I put this blush on my face.

Also like Rodin, the packaging on this is absolutely stunning. I also really like how the packaging throughout the line in refillable. So after you pan your first eyeshadow or blush or lipstick, you can purchase a refill as opposed to a whole compact. It's details like that which convince me that a brand is green in practice and not just in name. Other beauty brands that also have refillable packaging are Alima Pure and Surratt.

5. Context Citrus Tea Candle
If you follow me on Instagram (@sharmtoaster) then ya know that I'm a blooming candle addict. While my fascination started after my first Diptyque candle purchase, I'm enjoying discovering more niche candle brands. Not only do they offer unique scents, but they're usually a pretty good value in comparison to the more popular fancy-ass candle brands.

The latest brand on my radar is Context Skin. I stumbled upon them while browsing The Stell and the second I saw the description for their Citrus Tea candle, I was in love. Because I won't try to improve upon perfection, I'm just gonna insert their description of the candle here:

"CONTEXT Citrus Tea candle is a romantic fragrance combining white tea and ginger with notes of rose and coconut milk and blends of fig and sandalwood. The lightest scent in the collection. Cotton core self trimming single-wick in a black matte glass tumbler jar. Comes in a black box."

I love tea and sandalwood and light fragrances and this candle has got all three!

And that's my curated wish list! I'm pretty proud of myself for only reaaallly wanting 5 things after a month of not buying anything. I do have a few K-beauty things I've been wanting to try but I'm trying to refrain from purchasing a lot of skincare in the near future because I have too much of it.

What's on your wishlist?

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