Halfway to Trash Mountain: Spring Empties


Somewhere along the line, my empties started piling up and up and up. I haven't done an empties post since the end of February so this is basically two months of literal garbage. For some reason I tend to drag my feet when it comes to empties posts, I think it's because they aren't particularly enjoyable to shoot. It's hard to make trash look picturesque. Because I don't want my trash hoarding to be for naught, here's an empties post so I can finally properly trash this trash.

As always my post is split into three categories: shit I will definitely repurchase, shit I might repurchase, and shit I will not repurchase.

Instagram Shadowbanning 411: What It Is, How I Got Unbanned, & How I'm Preventing Getting Shadowbanned In The Future


Depending on how present you are on Instagram, you might have heard of Instagram's so called "shadow banning." It's a problem that's been occurring for months now and is a growing problem as it's becoming more and more prevalent.

Ever since I heard about the problem I've been paranoid that I'll be shadowbanned. There hasn't been much rhyme or reason to their shadowbanning pattern. I know of people with personal accounts and business accounts who got shadowbanned. People with under 1k and with over 10k can get shadowbanned. Instagram doesn't let you know that you've been shadowbanned and they have yet to really talk about the issue.

Unfortunately I got hit with the dreaded Instagram shadowban last Thursday. After bitching about it on social media I kicked my ass in gear and did some sleuthing on the issue. I found a few helpful articles on the problem (that I link throughout the post.) This post is basically a summation of everything I read as well as my personal experience with this whole shadow banning bullshit.

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Althea Korea Haul + Unboxing!


The other week I was contacted by Althea Korea asking if I wanted to try out some items from their store. And of course I said yes because I love K-beauty 😎

While they've been in business since June of 2015, they only recently launched their US site. I've browsed the site before and remember being impressed at their selection and pricing. They have a crap ton of brands and products and seem to offer regular sales. I'm signed up for their promotional emails and it seems like every week there's a new deal going on! One of the things I picked up in my haul was the Son & Park Beauty Water. When I placed my order they were offering 30% off select items-- including the Son & Park Beauty Water. The price ultimately came down to $18.20 whereas in comparison it retails for $30 at Sephora!

Currently they're offering a $20 "welcome gift" promotions for first time customers on purchases over $50, an extra 30% off all Forencos items, and an extra 20% off select "super cheap items" (their words not mine.)

To be completely transparent, they credited my account on their site with some store credit in return for my sharing my unboxing here on le blog. I ended up spending a teensy bit more so this haul is really 95% gifted and 5% paid for by yours truly. Since I had the opportunity to order from their site the traditional way (as opposed to being sent a PR package) I thought I would share a review on my experience-- similar to what I did in my Cult Beauty haul post.

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Glossier: Worth the Hype? | Dresser Diaries: Volume II


Thank you to everyone who read my Glossier showroom tour post from last week! Today I'm onto the second part of my Glossier series sorta thing... if I can even call two posts a series?

This post is a long time coming! I placed my first Glossier order at the end of last summer despite the fact that I've known about the brand pretty much since its birth. To be honest, I kind of wrote it off as an Internet brand akin to Sigma or Morphe, a brand that was popular mostly based on hype rather than quality. But then I read a random interview that Emily Weiss did and something about that interview inspired me and revived my interest in Into the Glossier and Glossier. Throw in the 20% off discount for first time customers and I was a goner.

The first two I items I bought from Glossier were their coconut balm dotcom and their soothing face mist, and as you'll read down below-- I'm not that crazy about either of them.

Before I can get to reviewing Glossier's product, I do think I need to discuss their marketing techniques a bit. I touched upon it in my Glossier showroom tour post-- how their showroom was made for the digital age and perfectly curated for hip millennials (side note: is it hip to use the word hip?) It's marketing genius and I give them props for being good at what they do.

But like I said, Glossier is originally an online brand so before they opened their showroom, they built up their empire online. If you've read about glossier on youtube, instagram, another blog-- chances are you've come across a 20% off discount code. Anyone who has an account on Glossier's website is able to create their own unique code which they can share with their friends, family, and strangers they meet on the internet. If someone uses your 20% off code to make a purchase, you in turn receive a $10 credit to use on the Glossier site.

Alternatively, Glossier also a representative program. From my understanding, being a Glossier rep is akin to being a part of an affiliate marketing network. If someone shops through your link, you receive a commision from their purchase. Blogging has progressed in such a way that the word "affiliate link" and "sponsored" have earned a dirty reputation. Personally I am a-okay with both of them as long as they are disclosed! I use affiliate links on my blog-- hell this post has affiliate links!

Over the past few months I've gotten a lot of messages not only asking about Glossier products, but also asking about their discount codes. Are they sponsored? Are they getting paid to post about Glossier? The answer to all those questions is nope!

If you're interested in becoming a Glossier rep, you can email the address they shared on their twitter here. If you're interested in reading more about Glossier's marketing techniques, check out this article on Quartz that includes an interview with Emily herself!

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Glossier Showroom Tour | Beauty in the City


I actually meant to post this Glossier showroom tour a few weeks before the Glow Recipe pop up tour (which you can read here) but a few problems arose delaying this post until today. But because this is my second shop "tour" in so many weeks, I thought it would be fun to turn this into a series where I share tours of various beauty shops in the city!

If you follow me on Instagram (@sharmtoaster), then you may know that I want to start sharing more lifestyle content on Instagram and here on my blog-- personal style, travel, food, that kinda stuff. I think this series will be a sweet spot between said lifestyle content and beauty content. Part of the reason I want to start this series is not only to share all the amazing beauty stores in the city with all of you, but also to push me to take advantage of all the cool places that exist in the city. While I saw and visited so many places while living in LA, I still regret not visiting even more! I have no idea where life will take me so I want to take advantage of living near to the city at the moment.

I'm not 100% sold on the name for this series, but I'm rolling with it for now. If you have a witty name that you would like to share with me, please do 😉

Onto Glossier!

If you're familiar with the beauty blogging world, chances are you've heard of Glossier. If you haven't, it's a beauty brand started by Emily Weiss aka the founder of Into the Gloss. And if you haven't heard of Into the Gloss, it's one of the OG beauty blogs that has now been built into an entire empire-- including Glossier.

Late last year Glossier opened up a permanent display showroom in downtown Manhattan. Prior to the opening of their showroom, their products were solely available online. At the showroom you can swatch their entire lineup of products as well as purchase everything!

Anti-Haul #2 | Shit I'm Not Gonna Buy


Another month, another anti-haul!

If you didn't read my last anti-haul post and/ or don't know what an anti-haul is, it's basically a list of things I'm not going to haul! Raving about beauty products is fun but shittalking beauty products ie even more fun 😆  The whole "anti-haul" trend was started by youtuber Kimberly Clark who I 100% recommend checking out 👍

I must have had a temporary memory lapse when I started writing this because I thought I would run out of things I didn't want to buy. In reality this list could have gone onto the triple digits, but since I don't have 29834 hours to spend shittalking beauty products I stuck to 10 (although I do wish I had 29834 hours to shittalk them. Shittalking is fun.)

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