How to Brighten Up Your Flatlays for $1

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Yes I am fully aware how clickbaity the title of this post is, but it's not total clickbait because I'm gonna deliver! Like the flatlay background that I shared on my Insta-stories the other day, this trick is stupidly easy... but hey, it works!

The $1 tool you'll need to brighten up your flatlays is a white foam poster board. That's it, folks. Make sure you get poster board and not poster paper as you will have some difficulty propping up the floppy poster paper.

Once you've got your poster board you need to figure out where to position it to maximize the light.

I'll be using this photo I posted on my Instagram a few days ago for my demo:
Day 12 of @peepingpomeranian's #abnewyearstashchallenge is oils! This is my one lone facial oil since oils and my skin don't tend to get along. Most oils either leave my skin greasy or break me out or both. @nuxe_us's huile prodigieuse multi-usage dry oil is the exception. It's a dry oil that sinks nicely into my skin. My favorite way to use it is to splash a few drops in my moisturizer. One thing to note is that it has a very strong fragrance. Personally I don't mind the scent which I would describe as: expensive 💰I also like that it can be used on my hair! It isn't my favorite hair oil but it gets the job done. If you're interested in it it's on sale for $25 at @ultabeauty at the moment. Also super random but yesterday I bought those arrow paper clips on clearance for $0.50 at @michaelsstores and I didn't realize they would make for perfect photo props 😅
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Now here are two behind the scenes photos:

As you can tell the addition of the white board brightened up a lot of the shadows. The key is positioning your board directly across from your light source.

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Of course you can also play around with the placement of your board. Placing it directly across from the light source will cause the most dramatic brightening effect but moving it around can create all sorts of different shadows and highlights.

You can even go wild and spend $2 and thus have 2 boards to bounce your light off of!

Side note: I was really tempted to use the words "blogger hacks" in the graphic but buzzfeed has ruined the word hack for me. I never wanna see another hack ever again!

how to, flatlay better, how to brighren up flatlay, photography tip, flatlay tip

Sorry for the two super short posts in a row. To be honest I've been feeling a bit of a blogger burnout. At the same time I have so much content I'm excited to share... but I'm not necessarily in the mood to shoot, edit, write, & post. Hopefully I'll get out of my funk soon and get back into the blogging zone!

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that my burnout is partially thanks to my participation in two Instagram skincare challenges! If you're curious to find our more you can check out my Instagram (@sharmtoaster) 😉.

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