The Ultimate Last Minute Gift: Book Gift Guide | Blogmas Day 22

If you haven't finished all your Christmas shopping yet...

In all seriousness you're not alone, and I've got the perfect present idea for you. Books! 

Most of the books on this list are books I personally would enjoy reading since I'm a beauty loving, Potterhead, wannabe foodie. But I'm fully convinced that there's a book out there for everyone, even for people who aren't bookworms. 

Think of this list as a starting point! Bonus: the image below is clickable ๐Ÿ˜‰

For the Potterhead:
For the one who regrets never taking that bartending class in college: 
I hope this was of help to anyone still searching for a gift! Good luck on all your last minute shopping endeavors and Merry Christmas Eve Eve!

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