Farmacy Beauty Buzz Box Unboxing

It's a well known fact that making gift guides makes you more susceptible to purchasing gifts for yourself. And if it's not well known, I'm lettin' ya know now.

One of the most enticing things from all my beauty gift guides was the Farmacy Beauty Buzz Box. For $48 you get a full sized Honey Potion mask (which usually retails for $56), a small jar of raw honey, and a $5 donation to City Growers Bee Education Workshops and programs. Since Farmacy Beauty has been running promotions nonstop throughout the past month, I couldn't resist buying it as a Christmas myself.

I was going to include this box in my end of the year on last haul-a-thon post but I thought it was special enough for a dedicated post. While I was so excited to snag it, I also know that I won't get around to using it for another month or two ๐Ÿ˜ฉ.  But that's where this post comes in cause I get to fangirl about all things Farmacy beauty without waiting forever!

Most of the time, "green" products don't hold any special appeal to me since I assume it's mostly marketing (not that I don't believe in saving the planet and global warming but rather that the green company/ product is more green in name than it is in reality.) But Farmacy Beauty seems like a legitimately green brand!

The whole concept behind Farmacy Beauty really interested me since they took the "farm to table" approach but made it "farm to beauty products." They grow their own ingredients and raise their own bees in upstate New York. Even their packaging is green! You see the foam used in this box? It's easily degradable. When I first read that I could easily dissolve the foam in water I was a bit skeptical... but it actually works!

I don't want to really get into all the reasons why I was interested in this mask in the first place since I'll save that for my inevitable review ๐Ÿ˜‰

Another bonus that came with my order were the mini freebies. Man these are the most legit freebies I have ever received. The packaging on them is exactly like their corresponding full sized jars/ bottles all the way down to the heavy, wooden caps! When I placed my order, they were offering three minis with all purchases over $30: 0.5 fl. oz Rise N' Shine daily moisture lock, 0.27 fl. oz Invincible root cell anti-aging serum, and 0.5 fl. oz Sleep Tight firming night balm.

It was basically like getting 3/4 of their Perennial Picks Skincare Discovery Kit for free!

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