5 Beauty Youtubers to Binge Watch This Weekend | Blogmas Day 3

Man oh man oh man, it's only day 3 of Blogmas and I'm already falling behind on my posting schedule ๐Ÿ™ˆ I had planned on blogging nice and early this morning but I woke up late and headed on over to the Bath & Body Works $8.50 3-wick candle sale (only happens once a year!)

I did not expect it to be such a madhouse! The mall I went to has 2 separate Bath & Body Works stores and both of them had lines going out the store! It was worth it though since I ended up buying 10 candles for $5.50-$6 each (with half of them for gifting.) If you're reading this on Saturday, there's still time to go to the store or shop online!

Anyways since I don't have time to post my intended post, I thought I would go with something a little more chill. My youtube viewing schedule is very on and off. Sometimes I can go weeks without watching videos and other times I can binge watch for hours. At the moment I'm in my binge watching phase! Here are 5 channels that I've been loving lately.

P.s. hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

1. Gothamista
Renee has such a soothing voice that even if I didn't enjoy her content, I would probably still watch her videos. In a sea of youtubers screaming "SLAYYY" and "YAAS" and making fake orgasm noises--she's a real breath of fresh air. Thanks to her career, she's also very knowledgeable when it comes to all things beauty!

2. Mariah Leonard
I love Mariah's channel since she's so chill. Whatever video she's making, be it a review, a tutorial, she always sounds like she's just chatting to you as friends. Plus she's awesome at making unwearable makeup wearable.

3. LivLovesHerMakeup
Liv is so bubbly and is very prolific with her videos! I love knowing that every morning there will be a new video of hers to watch.

4. BeautyWithEmilyFox
At first I subscribed to Emily because she has fantastic swatching videos. When the Urban Decay VICE lipsticks were first released, she swatched every single shade! I've continued to watch her channel because she's just so nice!

5. Pony
YOU GUYS, I'M SO OBSESSED WITH PONY. THAT IS ALL. Also she has her own makeup line that you can buy at Memebox! 

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