I'm Still With Her

I didn't know how to start this post because honestly I'm shocked, ashamed, and horrified right now. Is this real life? As a woman, a person of color, and a human being--I'm afraid. Somehow I hope we're able to continue moving forward in the right direction.

But onto lighter things.

Here's an outfit I wore last weekend. Sweater and jeans are pretty normal for November but 6 inch potentially-ankle-breaking peep toe wedges? Not so much. What can I say-- I just can't quit my warm weather wardrobe yet. Also I wasn't joking around about the potentially ankle breaking abilities of these wedges. It's funny cause in college when I wore these I thought "oh these are a breeze to walk in, so comfy, much easier than wearing heels." Now in my old age (I kid, sort of) I think heels of a reasonable height are much more manageable than 6 inch wedges but would still choose a pair of flats or sneakers above them both.

Side note on these jeans, I actually like the things they do to my butt. Which sounds weird but it's true. If you've got junk in your trunk and have difficulty finding high waisted jeans that fit you, try out these ones!

Lastly, I acknowledge that I look like Cousin It in some of these photos but I just can't be bovvered.

sweater: cos; similar for less than $40 via nordstrom here
jeans: urban outfitters; also available in a lighter wash here  and black here
shoes: urban outfitters

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