Attention Hogging Statement Boots

My shoe game was so weak this summer. Nothing really caught my eye so I stuck to my trusty birkenstocks and lace up sandals from summers past. But now that fall is here, I'm ready to wear allll the boots-- ankle boots, velvet boots, biker boots, over the knee boots, you name it I'll wear it.

The one pair of boots that have been on mind since last year are the dark floral printed "midnight garden" Valentino boots. While searching for an image of the boots I came across the current collection which I think I love even more.

Holy space balls you guys, they're so beautiful. If I had 2k lying around those boots would be on my feet ASAP. I could wear a literal trash bag with them and I would still feel fab because those boots are that out of this world.

But onto more practical options.

1. urban outfitters 2. topshop 3. jeffrey campbell 4. topshop 5. dolce vita 6. jeffrey campbell 7. jeffrey campbell 8. jeffrey campbell 9. topshop 10. topshop 11. zara

The world of printed boots is an endless one and while I won't be buying a pair of Valentinos this winter, at least there are a crap ton of lot more affordable options out there. And as I'm half asleep typing this post, I'm very close to purchasing those black topshop floral printed ones because not only are they cute, they're also under $75, and I'm also very susceptible to late night shopping (and oops, it's done!)

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