Introducing Ser Lorac MegaPro the Third | Lorac MegaPro Palette 3 First Impressions + Swatches

When the first Lorac MegaPro palette came out, I had no idea what it really was but impulse purchased it when it randomly came in stock on Amazon at 3 AM. Two years later and I was awaiting the MegaPro 3's arrival ever since the first spoiler shots were shared on Lorac's snapchat. Oh how the times have changed.

All the earthy and rosey shades in the palette were calling out my name and I'd like to think it was fate that I bought this palette. I've had it for about a week and a half now and have used it a half a dozen times so here are my first impressions on the palette!

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$59.00 USD; Sold Exclusively at Ulta (You can buy it here)

The palette contains a total of 0.45 oz/ 12.8 grams of product and with 32 shades, that means there's 0.014 oz/ 0.40 grams of each color.

The palette is made out of cardboard and covered in a white, matte, rubberized material with pretty, rose gold font. But the pretty doesn't last long because it's white and your fingerprints will make it grimy after the first few uses.

Overall Formulation
The formulation of the eyeshadows is the same as the other Lorac palette I own (the original MegaPro) and Lorac palettes that I've swatched (Pro 1 and Pro 2). The matte shades have a soft, powdery (in a good way) feeling to them. The shimmers are sooo... rich and buttery and delicious. I'm fully aware it sounds like I'm describing a croissant and not an eyeshadow palette but damn, they're just that good.

The downsides to the softness in both the matte and shimmer formulations is that they are powdery AF. I make sure to do my eyeshadow before I apply my face makeup because the fallout will get everywhere. I took a few shots of what my palette looked like after taking brush swatches of every shade and it was a hot, powdery mess.

Most of the shades in this palette have excellent pigmentation. Those that don't have opaque pigmentation at first swipe are easily buildable.

Honestly, out of all the eyeshadows I own (which I admit are not a lot), I find Lorac's shadows the easiest to blend. Better than Urban Decay, Wet N' Wild, Coastal Scents, MAC, the Balm, Nars-- Lorac tops 'em all. Tan and Pecan have become my go to transition/ crease shades and they blend so naturally and beautifully. I'm obsessed.

Last Saturday I wore a look using this palette from 8:30 A.M. to about 10:00 P.M (over the Too Faced shadow insurance.) I should also mention that it was humid as hell, that I spent a few hours standing in front of an open door, and that I have occasionally oily eyelids. All that said, I wasn't disappointed. There was some creasing on the inner corners of my eye and the color had faded on the center of my lid where my eye was the greasiest. But overall my eyeshadow looked good! I prolly should have taken a photo of it but alas, I washed my face the second I got home.

So basically, this shit lasts all day long (over primer.)

Color Selection
While I'm a fan of the colors in the palette in general, there are some annoying redundancies. The shades Walnut and Vintage, Maple and Bark, Pink Creme and Crepe are a bit repetitive and unnecessary. Amongst the shimmer shades, there are colors that look like redundancies but have different undertones when swatched so I don't find them as annoying.. For instance Cava and Tulle look very similar in pan but on the skin one is pink and one is gold.

As a whole I also wish they included more "medium" shades. The first two rows of colors are basically unusable to many WOC. There's sort of a jump from light shades to deeper, smokey shades. I wish they would have condensed the first three columns and introduced some more medium shades to make it more wearable for a wider audience.

Also as a personal affront, I haaaate that they had to include black. It seems like such a waste since black eyeshadows are in basically in every. single. Lorac. palette ever to have been created. Even if this was someone's first eyeshadow purchase, I doubt they would be missing out on a black (and if they were it's an easy shade to find.) It seems like such a waste when they could have inserted a deep purple, green, red, or basically any other freakin' color besides from black. But that's just me aka a girl who never wears black eyeshadow ever.

I may not be the best person to comment on versatility because like I said, I'm an eyeshadow beginner. The looks that I'm most comfortable with feature 1, 2, or at most 3 shadows. For me, I find that the palette allows for great versatility! I can wear a warm pinky-brown look (my current fav), a green look, a bronzey look, a matte neutral look, a cool silver look, a metallic red look, the list goes on. So if you're also a beginner, I think this palette holds a lot of potential! If you're someone who's more experienced with eyeshadows, I still think there's versatility in the palette for you--at least there is according to the half dozen reviews I've read/ watched for this palette.

In addition, the fact that the palette is half matte and half shimmer shades means you don't need to worry about reaching for another palette for a complete look. Sometimes I like doing an all matte look and the MegaPro palettes are the only singular palettes I own that allow me to do that.

Who is this palette for?
If you're someone who already owns some neutrals palettes, especially the the Urban Decay Naked 3 or Lorac Pro 3 palette, this palette will probably be redundant to you. If you're not a fan of Lorac's eyeshadow formula, it goes without saying that you probably won't like this palette. If you're looking for a mid-range palette that offers both neutral and wearable colors then this is a great fit for you! If you don't own any of the Lorac Pro palettes but wanted one, then this is also a great fit for you!

First row first half from left to right: pink creme, tan, pecan, walnut

First row second half from left to right: dusty mauve, violet gray, eggplant, dark navy

Second row first half from left to right: crepe, toffee, mist, vintage

Second row second half from left to right: hickory, maple, bark, jet black

Third row first half from left to right: snow, cava, cider, bellini

Third row second half from left to right: brown sugar, sequoia, glacier, deep fog

Fourth row first half from left to right: tulle, pink bronze, rust, rose quartz

Fourth row second half from left to right: olive, dark roast, pomegranate, licorice

And just for kicks here's all 32 shades swatched at the same time with a $1 elf brush (sorry for the iPhone pics; I couldn't get the exposure right with my camera.)

You can click on the photo to open in in another tab and enlarge it.

That's it folks! If you purchased this palette or want to purchase this palette, I would love to hear your thoughts on it. Also, what other holiday palettes are you guys loving/ craving?

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