last bit of summer

Seeing these photos make me want to cry-laugh because even though these were taken two weeks ago, the weather has taken a real nose dive since then. I don't mind cooler weather but I wish we could have enjoyed more of the mid 60s to 70s kinda weather. It seemed to have jumped from 80s to 90s to 50s to 60s over the span of a week and I'm feelin' salty about it.

Also I wore these heels for about an hour before I gave up and switched into sneakers. Sometimes beauty is pain... and I ain't about that life (unless the shoes are really beautiful.)

top: urban outfitters men's section
kimono: urban outfitters
shorts: levi's
shoes: zara
lipstick: scarlet empress

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P.s if ya didn't know, I joined youtube! You can check out my first video in my previous post.

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