interwebs and trends and Coach 2016

Sometimes I forget how much blogging and reading blogs has influenced my personal style and overall perspective when it comes to fashion and trends and all that jazz.

The other day I was flipping through the monstrously ginormous September issue of Vogue with my cousin. Even though we're at different points of our lives, we still like a lot of the same things style wise so I was surprised that our opinions differed so much when it came to many of the fall campaign ads. Some things she saw as unwearable I saw as pretty normal-- I guess I've been desensitized by following 1001 street style instagrammers, pinners, and bloggers.

For example when I first saw this Coach campaign I was so excited by the bomber jackets and everything with patches on it, whereas my cousin was unimpressed by the models looking like a gang of glammed up high school kids sporting their varsity jackets. And I can't say that I wouldn't hold a similar opinion if it weren't for blogging.

A lot of trends which can be overexposed or overdone on the internet just aren't in the real world. Even if they do sell overalls and varsity jackets and printed boots at popular stores like Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters, I don't see many people wearing such things in real life. At least not where I live in suburban New Jersey. Is it like that where you live?

Aaand what was supposed to a post about how I'm feeling inspired by the newest Coach campaign, turned in a post about trends in real life vs the interwebs.

Anyways, I hope you feel as inspired as I did by this campaign (which was shot by the famous Steven Meisel.)

source: CR fashion book

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