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1. Final Five beauty inspo
While I've been watching a little bit of everything in the Olympics, my absolute favorite events to watch are women's gymnastics, and they have been for as long as I've paid attention to the Olympics. The amount of skill and talent held by each gymnast pretty much blows my mind.

Since I've been watching every gymnastics event, of course I couldn't help but pull some beauty inspo from the legendary Final Five. Even though there's been some unwarranted sexist and racist commentary when it comes to the hair and makeup of female athletes, there's been even more empowerment. One of the best quotes that's been making the rounds was said by runner Shannon Rowbury, "you can be a strong, athletic, courageous woman and you can wear lipstick."

When it comes to the Final Five, I was amazed that their makeup stayed flawless through all their routines and into the medal ceremony. As a self-proclaimed lipstick junkie, my favorite beauty look of the bunch was Gabby Douglas's. Her vampy red lip was killer and the fact that it didn't fade is a true testament to its staying power. She hasn't mentioned what the lipstick is but if she ever does, I know I'm going to go out and buy it ASAP!

2. Me During the Olympics
This buzzfeed article was so accurate it almost hurt.

3. Let Me Love You- DJ Snake ft. Justin Bieber
This song was on repeat all weekend. That is all.

p.s. if you're like me and not-so-secretly live for internet drama and you haven't heard the latest tales in the Justin Bieber-Selena Gomez saga read this buzzfeed article (also, can you tell that I spent way too much time on buzzfeed this morning...)

4. Bulgogi
Am I the only one who gets into moods where I want to eat the same food over and over again? And then after the phase passes I can't eat that food for at least 6 months because I totally overdid it? Lately I've been going through a bulgogi phase. I think within the past month I've had it at least 4 or 5 times.

So when I saw this recipe for bulgogi come up on the "popular" page on bloglovin' I practically started salivating. I never considered making it for myself before because I assumed there would be a long and complicated ingredient list which would require a trip to the Asian grocery store. But besides for gochujang, all of the ingredients were already in my pantry. Now I'm so excited to give this recipe a whirl!

recipe & photo source: foodiecrush

5. Bite Beauty multisticks
Not gonna lie, I haven't had the best of luck with multi-purpose beauty products. It's the whole jack of all trades, master of none type situation. But these Bite multisticks are giving me hope! According to their product description on Sephora, they're "universal shades for the eyes, lips, and cheeks that compliment all skintones and are formulated to use anywhere on the face." Those are some pretty big shoes to fill.

Even though I'm really excited about them, I've been burned too many times by the "do all the things" type of products to impulsively purchase these before reading more about them.

If you have tried them, want to try them, or can recommend a solid review on them please do share!

photo source: beautyzine

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