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Zara AW 2016 
Is it too soon to be talking about fall clothes? Don't get me wrong, I love summer clothing. I love short dresses and open toed shoes and not having to worry about tacking a jacket atop every single outfit. But I also love new shit. And the fall collection is the newest shit at Zara so of course I'm all over it.

A lot of the collection is what I would describe as grunge ballerina. It's a total resurrection of 90s style. And if you read my post "5 fashion-y things I've been loving lately," you know I'm all about that life.

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ABH Moonchild glow kit
I'm not one to immediately jump on a higher end product as soon as it's released. I like to take my time, wait for the reviews and swatches, and then maybe perhaps contemplate buying it. But sometimes you gotta live a little and the new ABH glow kit made me want to live a lot.

The campaign photos are all so beautiful. I love that they used men, I love that the makeup looks so natural but still dramatic, I love that they used models of different colors. On their site, I love that they included swatches on three different skintones. While it's awesome that more and more brands are including swatches on the darker end of the spectrum, they're just as unhelpful to me as those on the lighter end of the spectrum. I love that they didn't create a bunch of hype and drama around the release. And most importantly, I love all the unique colors in the kit!

When I saw that they were available on the site, I didn't hesitate in purchasing it. Now the waiting game begins! Ps you can purchase yours on the ABH site here!

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Wearable orange makeup
I've been watching more Youtube videos lately and one of my new favorite gurus (new to me; her channel isn't new) is Mariah Leonard of the Gal's Guide. At the end of June she put out a tutorial on a wearable orange look. Now orange and yellow are two colors I personally stay away from in makeup and clothing, but the look is so subtle that now I want to go out and buy orange makeup! I never thought I would ever be saying that! It's also the perfect look for a summer day.

Pokemon Go
I am so obsessed with Pokemon go. I'm not the best at exercising but I easily hit and surpassed my fitbit goals the last two days because I went out lookin' for Pokemon.

If you're wondering what the f*ck I'm talking about, don't worry, just download the game.

Also, #teammystic.

Brooklyn Blonde home tour
I've been a longtime reader of Helena's blog. Even though her style is a lot more sophisticated than anything I ever wear, I still enjoy reading her blog. Her photos are so beautiful and she just seems like a really genuine person.

A few weeks ago she posted a mini home tour in conjunction with Home Goods and I was in love with the outcome! It's the perfect mix of the classic all white pinterest aesthetic and that warm, homey, there-are-actual-people-who-live-here look.

You can see the entire home tour on her blog here.

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