hump day edit

Since I haven't shot outfit photos in basically forever, and have neglected from blogging anything for a whopping 2 weeks, I figured I would do a weekend edit.... on a Wednesday. Because why not?

1. Hair clips
The other day I was at the mall shopping for a new bathing suit, and somehow I came home with a bunch of new hair clips... and no bathing suit. So I guess now I'm into hair clips ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

photo: urban outfitters starlight hair clip, urban outfitters oversized flip hair clip

2. Donald Trump nail art
There's something horrifying about hearing the words Donald Trump and nail art put together (although tbh, there's something horrifying about the first half alone) but I promise you, this video is worth a watch for the laughs.

3. Sheer socks
There was a time when I was really into sheer socks about a year ago. Unfortunately, I never actually got around to buying any sheer socks (#procrastinatorproblems.) While reading Atlantic-Pacific last week, my interest in sheer socks was instantly re-born from a single photo.

It's a little too hot at the moment to wear socks unless necessary (thank you, 100 degree weather), but I vow this time around I will get my hands on some sheer socks and I will be ready for fall! Huzzah!

photo: atlantic-pacific

4. Urban Decay naked smoky palette
According to the various people across the interwebs, Ulta is supposed to be running a one day 50% off promo on the Urban Decay naked smoky palette, reducing the price from $54 to $27. Since I was kinda, sorta considering purchasing this palette over the holidays, I kinda, sorta am contemplating buying it during the sale.

On Nouveau Cheap's blog she speculates if other retailers are going to offer the same promo, since that was the case when it came to the UD x Gwen Stefani palette. You can read all about it here on her blog.

photo: money can buy lipstick blog

5. A makeup challenge I can get behind
Most of the recent makeup challenges really aren't my thing. I don't care to see someone do their entire face with liquid lipsticks or glop on a 100 layers of foundation. But this new challenge I can totally get behind!

The challenge is to do an entire face of makeup using products from black-owned brands. The first video of the tag I watched was Jackie Aina's. In her intro she describes her motivation for doing the challenge and furthermore challenges other yotubers to try it out too!

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