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I've been trying out the whole editorial calendar thing lately and had a post all set and ready to go up today. But then MAC had to have a sale, and I had to go buy stuff, and then I just had to post about it. And that sale is all thanks to MAC select. If you haven't heard of MAC select, it's a new loyalty program by MAC! It's free to sign up for and comes with a bunch of perks... like exclusive sales and free shipping with no minimum. To read more about the program, check out the MAC select site or this article by Racked.

Currently they're offering 15% off all purchases on their site or in their stores, ending today on the 13th!  I didn't read the details on the email I got yesterday so I ran to the mall like a chicken with its head cut off thinking I would miss the sale. So since I already rushed to make my purchase, I figured I would do a mini haul and first impressions for y'all.

Oh and if you would rather make your purchase through Nordstrom, they're price matching the sale on their site today! They've got all of MAC's lipsticks, eyeshadows, lip liners, one of my favorite concealers, and a whole lot more.
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First up is MAC's Fix+, a product I raved about in my March favorites. I've gone through about 75% of my original bottle and figured I should stock up while there's a sale.

Even though my skin has been more combination oily (normal for the most part with an oily t-zone) lately, I've still been reaching for Fix+ daily. I still like to spray some all over my face before I apply my makeup as it lessens the likelihood that my foundation or concealer is going to congeal around old acne spots. It's also become my go to "makeup-refresher," so to say. After I've been wearing my makeup for a few hours, I like to spritz some Fix+ on my face, then use a blotting sheet to remove excess oils. By using Fix+ prior to blotting, more oil and less makeup comes off.

My next repeat purchase is the MAC 217 blending brush. I'm mostly a drugstore brush kinda gal, so it's a pretty big deal for me to now have two of these blending brushes. Eye makeup isn't my forte but the 217 makes blending out shadows much, much easier for a noob like me. It's so soft and fluffy and blends our shadows sooo smoothly.

The next two products I actually bought last weekend during a different MAC select promo. With the purchase of any lip product, MAC select members would receive a free MAC lipstick. And who doesn't like free lipstick?!

And while I don't need any more pinky-nude lip products, I just couldn't resist. The first product is a limited edition vamplify lip-gloss in the shade 'Pamela.' It's a darker pinky-nude that works as a "my lips but better" shade on me. Apparently after wearing mattes forever, 2016 is the year of the lip gloss for me. I've been wearing this shade every day since I got it and it wears sooo beautifully. It's very comfortable on my lips and has no stickiness. If I eat food or drink water is does fade away on the center of my lips, but because the shade is close to my natural lip color it's not very noticeable. If you've got tan or dark skin, then seriously consider picking up this lip gloss!

The free lipstick I choose was in the shade 'del rio,' and it too is a pinky-nude, although it has a slight plummy undertone to it. I's quite a bit darker and pinker than most of my other pinky-nudes, such as MAC's twig. It's a comfortable satin, demi-matte that I easily wore for 5 hours yesterday. It also survived me eating some taquitos and a kit-kat bar. Unfortunately, it met its demise when I went to eat a mango.

The last two products pictured are two eyeshadows. One in the shade 'expensive pink' and the other in 'nocturnelle.' And they were a ridiculously good deal. If you didn't hear, MAC dropped their eyeshadow pan prices from $10 to $6 earlier this year-- probably to compete with growing online brands like colorpop and makeupgeek. With the 15% off, each eyeshadow is only $5.10! That's basically drugstore makeup prices! I ordered a few more shades online that were sold out at my local store, so I figured I would do a full on review after receiving the rest and getting a chance to play with them all.

If you decide to shop the sale or are contemplating it, feel free to share what you're treating yourself to :D

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