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I like to think it was fate that brought me to these eyeshadows. It was the perfect storm of events one Sunday afternoon which led me to Kmart with some time to kill. I was surprised and thrilled to find the Jordana liquid eyeshadows featured in a tiny cardboard display hidden on the bottom shelf. After quickly researching some swatches on my phone, I ended up buy 01 forever sand, 02 not a wink pink, and 04 uphold gold.

These eyeshadows aren't really new per se, because they started popping up at Walgreens back in February. Buut I would still call them new since they aren't in any of the permanent collection displays I've seen at Walgreens or Kmart.

To be honest, before I picked these up I had no ideas that liquid eyeshadows were a thing and thought I had bought some new, magical, makeup invention. A quick, little google search sorta burst that bubble. Jordana are not the first ones on the liquid eyeshadow scene, but they are one of a handful of brands who have recently released a liquid eyeshadow line. NYX's lid lingerie , Maybelline's color tattoo eye chrome, and Elf's aqua beauty molten liquid eyeshadow are three new drugstore options for summer 2016. On the higher end of the spectrum, there's Dior's dior addict fluid shadow, Giorgio Armani's eye tint, and YSL's full metal shadow.

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Price: I purchased mine for $2.50 at K-Mart, but at Walgreens and on the Jordana website, they're listed as $4.99.

Size: .23 oz or 6.5 g

You can find the claims and full list of ingredients on the Jordana website here. Highlights: crease-proof, water-proof, made in the USA, up to a 16 hour wear time.

Color Selection: There are 6 neutral shades, including a light champagne, an orangeish gold, and a dark smokey taupe. The Budget Beauty Blog has got swatches of all 6 shades!

Packaging: They come in cute, little tubes that fit perfectly into the palm of my hand. The applicators are a flat brush covered with a furry looking material. I'm not crazy about the applicator since it does have a tendency to pick up large globs of product. But this is easily avoided by wiping some excess along the inner sides of the bottle.

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Formulation: Since this is my first liquid eyeshadow, I don't really have anything to compare it too. I would say the consistency reminded me of your typical tube and wand concealer such as NYX's HD concealer.

Application: On the Jordana website they suggest you sweep some across the eyes, and then blend up and out. Since it takes a few seconds for the eyeshadow to dry down, I find them very easy to blend out. After they've dried, I've also worn them over and under other powder eyeshadows with ease. The Jordana site also suggests ways to pair the shadows together. I haven't given this a shot because I think it would be too much of a glitter bomb look for me.

Pigmentation: These get an A+ from me in terms of pigmentation. All three shades that I picked up apply so smoothly. No streakiness whatsoever! They provide a beautiful wash of color over my lids. It's also easy to build up the pigmentation by applying an extra layer or two after the first one dries down.

I should mention that they are very glittery. Way more glittery than they look at first glance in the bottle.

Longevity: Even without a primer, I got a solid 8 hours of wear with these shadows. There's was a little bit of glitter fallout but nothing particularly noticeable. I did have some creasing near the inner corner of my eye. But when worn over my go to Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion, I wore it for 11 hours with no creasing in sight!

As part of their claims, Jordana says that these are water proof and I do disagree with that. After swatching them I tried washing my hands with water and found the color slid off while the glitter stuck around. But even if they aren't waterproof, I have found them to be sweat proof.

Final thoughts: These get two thumbs up from me! They're pigmented, easy to use, don't fade, and are ridiculously affordable! I'm not one to wear eyeshadow on a daily basis, but lately I've been using the shade 'not a wink pink' as a shimmery wash of color across my lids. It creates almost a glossy look that I have fallen in love with. It's the kind of makeup that's so easy to use but creates a high impact sorta look.

If you spot them at a store near you, definitely pick up a color or five! If you can't find them at a store near you, they are available on the Jordana website. And they've got free shipping over $25!

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