the not-so-secret Brooklyn garden

When I was a child I loathed going to gardens or greenhouses or anything that required me to focus my attention on looking at flowers for longer than 30 seconds. In fact I distinctly remember a particular family trip to the Cherry Blossom festival in DC-- the whole time there I had an absolutely sour look on my face. And there's an album of photos to prove it. (Here's one I found so hilarious I had uploaded it to facebook lol.)

Fast forward 10 years or so and somehow I've come to enjoy a stroll through the gardens. Partly because of their prettiness, partly because I love to stop and smell the roses, and partly because they make for great insta shots #shameless.

Last week Sampada (who took these photos of me) and I headed on over to Brooklyn to visit the Brooklyn botanical gardens. To be honest, I'm shocked I've never been before. Even though this was my first visit, it definitely won't be my last. They've got a bonsai collection, a rainforest exhibition, a lily pond, a rose garden, a peony garden, and a whole lot more! It's also home to the Brooklyn museum so you could knock out two places in one visit :)

P.s I'll be emailing the winners of my Wet n' Wild highlighter giveaway later today so check your inboxes! Thanks to everyone who entered :)

dress: loft, jacket: aritzia, scarf: urban outfitters, shoes: converse

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