white after Memorial Day

Does anyone still follow the ol' no white before Memorial Day or after Labor Day rule?

When first writing this post I was gonna say that I definitely don't follow the rule, until I realized that I do in a subconscious sort of way. While I've got no qualms over wearing white jeans, a fluffy white sweater, or a crispy white button down in winter, that's pretty much where my list of winter white pieces ends.

But when the warm weather swings around, the options for white colored clothes sky rockets! There are white dresses, and shorts, and short overalls, and rompers, and flowy blouses (a personal favorite) and not to mention-- all things white lace. A girl has just got so many options that she just happens to wear more white in-between Memorial Day and Labor Day.

And because the people at Zara are digitial media/ marketing geniuses, of course they released an all white editorial right before Memorial Day. I've never been more convinced that I need to go out and buy a white lace jacket.

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Shop more white pieces down below!

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