platforms and flatforms and wedges, oh my!

It took me a while to get on the flatform express, but I am now all aboard. I fully committed myself to the trend last September when I purchased a pair of wooden flatforms that I had been eyeing all summer at Urban. Unfortunately for me I managed to break the straps on one of the shoes a few weeks ago :'(. While I'm trying to figure out ways to fix those shoes, I've been eyeing up this summer's flatform and platform options. And there are many!

The best part of flatforms are that they're sooo comfortable. Since I am part of the vertically challenged club, you would think that I would be inclined to wear heels more often. But I am a creature of comfort and I'd rather let my feet be happy rather than stuff them into heels (at least, most of the time.) With flatforms you get the best of both worlds! Height and comfort. This chick couldn't ask for anything more from a pair of shoes (except perhaps the ability to fly? Because who wouldn't want a pair of shoes like that?!)

Since I spend a decent chunk of my time scrolling through pinterest (mine is @sharmtoaster), flipping through magazines, and reading about a bagillion blogs, of course my tastes are also influenced by what I've been seeing on the interwebs. Here's a collection of the flatform and platform looks that have been inspiring me lately!

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