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1. Smorgasburg

One of my favorite parts of living in California was the year round farmer's markets. Even in the middle of January there are multiple markets running throughout the city on everyday of the week. Of course the same thing cannot be said of the east coast.

Now that Spring is finally here, so are the food markets, fairs, and festivals. I went to Smorgasburg for the first time during opening weekend (April 2) and was enamored. If you follow me on snapchat (@sharmtoaster) you might have seen me snapping all da foods. Unfortunately, I could not eat all da foods because I do not have a bottomless pit for a stomach (although it feels that way sometimes.) Since the weather is fabulous this weekend, another trip to Brooklyn is possible!

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2. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 2
If you haven't watched season 1 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt yet, you need to get on that shit because season 2 premiered today!

The show focuses on Kimmy Schmidt (portrayed by Erin from The Office), a young woman who's navigating life in NYC. The catch? She spent the last couple of years living in a hole with three other woman after they were kidnapped by Jon Hamm and told that the world was ending. It sounds a bit morbid but it's actually a hilarious show with many, many words of wisdom.

It's produced by Tina Fey and features so many actors from my three fav NBC sitcoms: Parks & Rec, The Office, and 30 Rock. To get a taste of what it's all about, watch this music video from the show:

3. Old Navy Jewelry
Old Navy is a store I usually skip over when I head to the mall. Not because I have particularly strong feelings about their clothes, but because whenever I do go there to find something-- they never have it in my size!

But a week ago I ventured in to find these lace up sandals and came across their jewelry section. It's clear that I've been missing out! They have so many cute dainty necklaces, earrings, and rings. I was even shocked to see that many of their pieces were sterling silver or gold plated.

I picked up this cute little infinity ring. It's plated in rose gold yet I only paid about $10 for it. Score! Unfortunately it doesn't look like they carry their jewelry line on their site but it's definitely worth the visit to their store to check out!

4. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them 
There was a time when I was a hardcore Potterhead. The obsession has waned throughout the years but every time something new related to the franchise comes out, the magic obsessed 12-year-old girl in me starts freaking out.

Instead of babbling on about my obsession of all things Harry Potter related, I'll just leave you with the trailer. November can't come soon enough!!

5. the Perfect Coral Lipstick
Ever since this photo of Selena Gomez popped up on my Instagram explore page, I've been on the hunt for her lipstick or something similar. It's some sort of matte, muted, pinky coral which has now become my dream summer lip color.

If you know of any lipsticks that are this shade, please share!! 

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