Positano bites deep

I know I've said this in every single Italy post, but I really was at my peak level of crazy when it came to photographing the Amalfi coast. On the day that we visited Positano and Amalfi, I filled up one whole SD card.

Before coming to Italy I checked out every relevant travel book from the library and read up about our destinations. But no amount of reading could prepare me for how beautiful Positano is. My photos absolutely do not do it justice. The colorful buildings crawling up the shoreline are like nothing I've seen before. I believe in one of my guidebooks I read that any attempts to obtain a construction permit to change the exteriors of any building in the city has been denied since the 1950s!

Despite it's status as the most mind blowingly beautiful place I've ever visited, I'm not all that interested to visit it again. While I'm itching to go back to Florence and Amalfi and Sorrento and Naples and Rome, Positano is pretty much at the bottom of my Italy travel wish list now. It's a place where you lounge around, take in the views, aaaand that's about it.

But I am glad that I got to see Positano in person and check it off my list! It's a once in a lifetime kinda experience for me. And okay I admit maybe I wouldn't mind going back when the weather is warmer, just to see the Spiaggia Grande littered with colorful beach umbrellas.

If you are someone who loves a relaxing beach vacation, then this is the place for you!

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