on the denim spectrum: girlfriend jeans

It seems every time I head to the mall or online store, I'm face with a plethora of denim options. There are of course the classics: skinny, wide, straight, bootcut; but then there are also a whole lot of...others. The mom jean, the wedgie jean (yes, it's a thing), the kick flare, the cropped flare, the tomgirl, the stiletto, and it goes on and on. Needless to say, the never ending list of styles can easily get confusing.

To simplify things, I like to think of denim as a spectrum. There's no fine line between straight jeans and skinny jeans, or mom jeans and boyfriend jeans. They all kind of eventually mesh into one another forming a harmonious spectrum of denim.

My current favorite spot on the denim spectrum are girlfriend jeans. If I had to define them I would say they fall somewhere in-between boyfriend jeans and cropped straight jeans. In a quintessential denim blue wash, they could complete virtually any outfit.

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I personally picked up this pair from urban outfitters earlier this month and am still a bit borderline about them. On one hand I'm not sure exactly how flattering they are, on the other hand, I'm not exactly sure if I give a crap about it. Either way, with so may options out there, I'm determined to find my perfect pair!

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