circa 80 AD

I've finally started tackling the hundreds of photos I took in Italy. While taking vacation photos I never seem to take into account the fact that I have to sort through and edit all the photos I take-- so I merrily hold down the shutter, taking continuous shots of birds snacking whilst perched atop Palatine Hill. It comes back to bite me in the ass when I have to wait forever for my photos to transfer from my memory card, and produce thumbnails, and finally open in RAW form in photoshop. Only then do I rue the day that I decided to take 20 photos of some stupid birds.

Asides from stupid birds, I also took a bagillion photos of various parts of ancient Rome (to be shared in a future post.) If I had to pick the highlight of my visit to the city, it would definitely be marveling the numerous ancient Roman buildings that somehow are still standing today. It's pretty mind boggling to think of the huge and intricate structures they managed to build without any technology or advanced mathematics. Of course the most famous and magnificent of all is the Roman Colosseum! (Also known as Lizzie's concert venue in The Lizzie McGuire movie ;)).

We got lucky with the weather as it was sunny and in the mid 60s. It was a tourist's dream. I finally got to go sans tights so I snatched the opportunity to wear the cord overall dress I bought at urban outfitters back in January. I paired it with my always classic Stan Smith sneakers, which were my go to shoes for the entirety of the trip. When packing I had considered bringing some pretty, lace up flats or comfortable wedges but I'm sooo glad that I stuck to sneakers because otherwise my feet would be in bandages. On the day these photos were taken I walked over 25,000 steps and 60 staircases (according to my fitbit)! Thank you Stan Smiths for being as stylish as your are comfortable!

dress: urban outfitters, striped top: urban outfitters, jacket: urban outfitters, sneakers: adidas (also available via nordstrom, j. crewasos), bag: fjallraven (also available via urban outfitters, lord & taylor, shopbop)

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