wear now & later: cords

Part of the reason I've been piss poor at posting outfits lately is because I'm in a style rut. And for that I blame winter. At the beginning of the season it's all fun and games; you get to bring back your favorite boots and oversized sweaters. Plus, you can forgo shaving for quite some time without fear of unintentionally exposing your hairy legs to the world. Finally the new year swings around and you start getting tired of the short days, the monotony of having to layer all the time, and the need to lug around a coat everywhere that you go.

At least that's how it goes for me.

On the plus side, the whole being forced indoors because of freezing temperatures and almost 3 feet of snow schtick has allowed me to justify all the time spent window shopping--online and at the mall. In the spirit of closet versatility, I've been eyeing pieces that I can wear now in the mountains of snow but also later on in the spring.

A material that's caught my eyes for its popularity in f/w '15 pieces is *cues drumroll* corduroy! To some extent corduroy summons images of professors stuffed into ill-fitted blazers, but it can also be incredibly chic! After my extensive perusing, I've found corduroy pieces of all types perfect for wearing now and later; now worn with various knits and layered over turtlenecks and later worn with light t-shirts or billowy, boho blouses. Seeing how they fit perfectly in with so many preexisting pieces in my closet, I'm shocked I haven't jumped on the corduroy trend train earlier!

left: asos romper, right: asos pinafore dress (also available in petite, plus, & maternity)

left: pinterest, right: sincerely jules
similar cord flares by: urban outfitters, free peoplej brand (on sale)

left: topshop unique, right: chloé fall 2015 rtw

shop more cord pieces below:

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