great expectations

This skirt is another one of those pieces that I had such high, high hopes for, only for them to fall completely flat. I remember spying the skirt in the display window of Loft, on my birthday, and loving it right away. Even though it was my birthday, I resisted buying it because it wasn't on sale because I'm practically allergic to buying items at retail prices. Then later on in the summer when it went on sale, I snatched it up without trying it on.

Unfortunately it did not live up to the dream. It's ill-fitting (which is partially my fault since I could have sized up) and wrinkles the second I decide to sit down (which is quite often because I'm a fat*ss.)

Thanks to some photoshop magic, I was able to clean up this skirt to make it closer to what I had originally envisioned it in my head. Not only were a lot of wrinkles photoshopped out, but the top button was also photoshopped in. I didn't realize until after looking at the photos on my camera that the top button had popped open mid shoot. It happens, and that's why we have photoshop!

On a side note, I was thinking of doing some easy photoshop/ photography tutorials but couldn't decide on the exact topic. If you have any ideas/ requests please share in the comments!

cropped sweater: forever 21, skirt: loft (similar on sale at asos), booties: zara (similar for less than $50 at asos), lipstick: nars audrey (also available at sephoranordstromsaksneimansbarneys)

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