winter wear for grumpy days

I was really on a blogging roll there...and then Thanksgiving hit. The better part of last week was spent shopping, organizing, preparing, and cooking all in anticipation of the big holiday. Then this week came and I felt (and looked) like death warmed over thanks to a lovely cold coupled with a visit form my dearest Aunt Flo.

In my grumpiness, I really don't have any interest in doing anything or going anywhere. But when I do leave the comfort of my bed, I make sure to maximize comfiness. While on break from binge watching Jessica Jones on Netflix (Which I recommend watching! It's Marvel superhero goodness featuring badass female characters all in a film noir style.) I came up with this outfit of optimal winter coziness.

The oversized sweater is from COS and I am in love with it. I have bought a grand total of 0 sweaters this fall/ winter because I want to invest in 2 or 3 good quality ones. Such as this beauty from COS.

The shoes are some new (I think?) boots from UGG. I don't think I have seriously liked a pair of UGG boots since middle school when I bought my one and only pair. Buuut these Ugg "Cypress" boots are appealing in an "ugly cool" kind of way. Plus they're waterproof and fur lined and warm and cozy and totally belong on my Christmas wish list. While the price is steep, the one thing I can say for sure is that UGGs last. I bought my pair about 9 years ago and they're still going strong.

All in all this look essentially screams "I'm basic" and "I spend my days drinking Starbucks's peppermint mocha lattes." And that's fine by me because peppermint mocha lattes are delicious.

beanie + scarf + leather gloves: urban outfitters-- on sale for 30% off, sweater + leggings: cos, boots: ugg via nordstrom

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