Valentino Pre-Fall 2015

Valentino has a propensity for producing the dreamiest collections. And they do it over a dozen times a year. I'm not one to go gaga over princess dresses and delicate floral prints but even I can't escape the alluring whimsy of their clothes. While the spring and fall ready to wear runway shows get the attention they deserve, the other lines often fly under the radar (at least to us non fashion industry people.) Hands down one of my favorite collections of the year by any designer is Valentino's pre-fall collection.

The collection features a staggering 97 looks but the ones that caught my eye are of the dark floral or galaxy print variety. I mean, it doesn't get any dreamier than pictures of stars, does it?

All photos from miss moss. To see the entire collection, head on over to vogue.

On a housekeeping-type note, I've added a new section to my blog called "Shop the Sales" which you'll find housed in my navigation bar.

Every time I hear about a new sale that I know I want to shop, I have the urge to post about it because I'm sure there are others who want to shop it too! But if I caved every time I would end publishing short posts about 50 times a day cause it's the holiday season and it's sale-a-palooza all over the interwebs.

Instead I decided to dedicate a corner of my blog to feature all these sales and so "shop the sales" was born. The sales that are expiring soonest will be featured on the top of the page. I've also included links to some of the products I would want to buy/ have bought, as well as my number one top pick from that sale. I hope I can keep this going!

I would have to say the best sales I've featured there today are from loft, bare minerals, sigma, and tarte! Check them out here :D

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