the procrastinator's Christmas guide: 6 gifts for anyone still on your list

Cause it wouldn't be the holiday season without at least one gift guide, right?

1. If you've never heard of adult coloring books before, I promise they're not as dirty as they sound. In actuality they're just coloring books with particularly intricate details, hence the "adult" in their name. I bought Johanna Basford's Enchanted Forest this past fall, and now coloring has become the perfect relaxation activity for me. You can check out more of amazon's best-selling adult coloring books here. And of course you're going to need some utensils to color in your masterpieces. My weapons of choice are watercolor pencils.

If you don't have amazon prime, you can also pick up Enchanted Forest at urban outfitters, barnes & noble, target, and papyrus.

2. Even though this winter hasn't been the coldest, at least not on the east coast, cold weather accessories are still a must. Pictured are an acne scarf, a polo beanie, and convertible gloves from Barney's.

3. Activity trackers seem to be all the rage these days. I snagged a fitbit charge HR during Black Friday and am so happy with my purchase! There are so many different options on the market that you can find one at virtually every price point. You can check out this article from PC mag to see the best-selling options of the year.

4. Between blasting the heat indoors and the dry weather outdoors, many of us suffer from dry hands. L' occitane has some of the best lux hand creams and this set features 3 different scents. For a more affordable option, there's this burt's bees set which features 2 hand creams, 1 cuticle cream, and a pair of gloves. You can pick one up at amazon, walgreens, target, or

5. According to The Atlantic's best food book roundup of 2015, The Food Lab: Better Home Cooking Through Science is perfect for anyone, despite their culinary skill level. The author is an MIT graduate and teaches readers about the sciencey side of cooking. For that reason alone this book has joined my personal Christmas wish list. And if your giftee (the unofficial term for gift receiver) isn't interested in cookbooks, there's always cocktail books. The Dead Rabbit's Drink Manual is co-authored by the masterminds behind the famous Dead Rabbit grocery & grog in downtown Manhattan.

6. This is the gift for the person who likes to sing in the shower... which means this is the gift for anybody and everybody. I know I'm guilty of precariously perching my phone on the top of the shower, right next to my towel, praying it isn't collateral damage in my usual scramble to rub hair products out of my eyes. Solution: waterproof bluetooth speakers! Amazon has a variety of options all here. Here are some other options that you can buy in store from kohl's, target, and best buy.

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