the weekend edit - 11.01.15

In my attempt to have a more regular blogging schedule, I'm going to try out a new segment which I dub: the weekend edit (so original, I know.)

Watercolors & Hand-Lettering
I mentioned on last Tuesday's post that I recently picked up an interest in hand-lettering (btw thanks to all who offered their encouragement and support!). Some of the best advice offered was practice, practice, practice! And that's exactly what I've been doing. Yesterday I was playing around with some watercolor pencils and liked the result so much I decided to digitalize it! It's a little bit crooked but I don't even care because it's way better than anything I thought I was capable of making. I was so proud of it that I've made it my desktop background ;)

The Great British Baking Show on Netflix/ The Great British Bake Off 
When I first saw this show on Netflix, I clicked through because I remembered reading a buzzfeed article about it. After watching American competitive cooking shows like Chopped and Cutthroat Kitchen where they employ entertaining but silly tactics, this was a great change of pace. The show documents 12 amateur bakers from across the UK as they come together every weekend for three baking challenges. Every week there's a different theme that the challenges are based on, such as cake, bread, international pastries, etc. The show left me in awe of what amateur bakers could come up with as well as a craving for something sweet ASAP.

Moto Leather Trousers
First off I must say that I feel like a bit of an imposter saying the words "trousers" because in real life I would just call them pants. Second I feel like I'm breaking some sort of unbreakable vow by buying these faux leather trousers. After witnessing the great Ross Geller leather pants debacle of '99 I swore off leather and leather-like pants for my own safety. (If you don't get the reference, youtube "Ross Geller leather pants." Better yet, just watch the entirety of Friends on Netflix.)

I skipped over them last year in feat but this year I'm determined to make them work! The fact that they brought them back a second time around is a testament to how popular they must be be. Plus there's something so badass about the zippers and the patching which I can't seem to resist.

Buy them here.
So I'm really behind the times but I've only recently joined snapchat. At the moment I mostly post photos of things I want to eat or things I am about to eat. My handle is @sharmtoaster and if you want to follow each other leave your username in the comments!

A New Blogging Schedule
And now a sort of administrative note: While this blog started as a personal style blog, as the years passed I got a little sidetracked and began heading down the path of a lifestyle blogger. And my life just isn't interesting enough for a lifestyle blog. So I've compromised with myself and decided that all style related posts will be shared on the weekdays, and anything beauty, food, etc. will be restricted to the weekends. I hope this will keep my posts more organized plus make for a better and more enjoyable blog :)

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