pumpkin creme brulee & other Thanksgiving desserts to make ahead of time

This year I'm making desserts for my family's thanksgiving dinner. It's almost like I'm a proper grown up. Sort of.

Of course I took this opportunity to eat all the sweets play around with some recipes and run my own test kitchen. One of my main concerns was having enough time to make the desserts. Seeing that I'm also making appetizers and some side dishes, I didn't want desserts to get the shaft. They're of course the most important part of any meal for a sweet tooth like me.

In order to ensure that desserts get the proper attention they deserve, I stuck with recipes that can be made ahead of time. I'm 100% that I'm going to be making pumpkin creme brûlée, because I made it last week and it was delicious.  The rest of the desserts are yet to be confirmed (procrastination problems).

What's your favorite Thanksgiving dessert?

Pumpkin creme brulee, adapted from food52

And other desserts perfect for making ahead of time?

cranberry hand pies, white chocolate & cranberry cookies, pumpkin cream cheese swirl bars, pumpkin cinnamon rolls, apple rose pastries, pumpkin pound cake, apple crumb cake with cream, and last but not least, Alton Brown's pumpkin pie

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