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Yesterday while getting dressed I inadvertently ended up tucking my hair into my turtleneck sweater. This led me to the wonderful conclusion that my hair is now short enough to do the whole tucking into turtleneck thing! Most attempts I made last winter with my much longer, curlier hair would result in a bird's nest the nape of my neck. So cheers to short hair!

I'm probably way too excited over something as simple as tucking my hair but I think it's one of those easy things that adds another dimension to a look. Imagine a casual sweater and jeans look, instantly made cooler by tucking your hair. Plus all the fashion-y people do it so copying the look makes me feel fashion-y ;)

In my I-can-have-turtleneck-hair high, I ended up collecting some inspo for my fall/ winter fashion pinterest (@sharmtoaster) board on how to achieve this cozy look.

image sources: 1 vogue, 2 topshop, 3 topshop, 4 esprit, 5 vogue paris, 6 asos, 7 asos, 8 the line, 9 pinterest, 10 marie claire france, 11 zara, 12 zara

anja rubik, anja rubik turtleneck, turtleneck street style, turtleneck tucked hair

topshop turtleneck look, hair tucked into turtleneck sweater with turtleneck, turtleneck hair, hair tucked into turtleneck

gisele bündchen esprit, gisele bündchen turtleneck

turtleneck look, hair tucked into turtleneck

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