risque overalls

Okay so this outfit isn't risqué in the sense that I'm pushing the envelope and being daringly bold to change the way we think of fashion. It's risqué in the sense that I was at risk of my pants falling down and inadvertently flashing a park full of people. In a way, I finally understand the struggle of the pre-pubescent boy-- trying to walk around with your pants constantly slipping takes some work. Of course, unlike the saggers (yes, that is what they are called according to this wikipedia page) I did not want to show off my underpants.

It's just the risk I had to take to wear my overalls undone.

On a more clothing related note, I linked to this mock neck top on my weekend shopping edit post two weeks ago and quickly bought it right after. It's so soft that I quickly became obsessed with it... to the point where I slept in it one night and went ahead and wore it the next day... and then ordered it in grey too. It's pretty much perfect for this time of year because it's warm enough to wear on it's own but thin enough to layer underneath a sweater or cardigan when it's a bit chillier.

top: urban outfitters, overalls with diy rip: h&m (similar by topshop, asos, old navy), shoes: superga, sunglasses: ray-bans, lipstick: revlon sultry

undone overalls, black overalls, white superga, cooperative cruel summer top, mock neck
cooperative cruel summer top, urban outfitters mock neck, mock neck top

striped mock neck top, black overalls, white superga h&m black overalls, black overalls, destroyed overalls

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