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While I am a member of the "Christopher Columbus was a vile human being, why are we celebrating him" gang (for reasoning see here or here), I'm not going to say no to a long weekend. Let's just call it a randomly nice long weekend in October, and on this randomly nice long weekend in October, of course there are sales. Not that I really need to have an excuse to go shopping.

First up is the urban outfitters sale. Over the past year or two urban outfitters has started extending some of their sale promotions to their online store, and I am all about it. Who likes going into the store, rifling through racks of disorganized clothes, and squishing past other shoppers who think it's fun to have conversations in the middle of 2 feet wide rows (seriously, you people are the worst)?

Anyways, back to the sale. Urban is currently offering an extra 40% off their sale for shoppers with an Urban On account-- which is free to sign up for. I admit I've already picked up some stuff from my never-ending wish list...and will probably place one more order before the sale is through.

from top to bottom, left to right: shirt 1, 2, 3; skirt 1, 2, 3; sweater 1, 2, 3 

Forever 21 is also offering some deals for the long weekend plus free shipping over $21. I'm proud to say that I've exhibited some self control and have avoided looking at the clothing section to resist temptation. Instead I headed straight to the hat section and promptly purchased two 100% wool fedoras-- both on sale for $12. You can buy them here.

I've purchased their wool hats in the past and have always been impressed with the quality, especially for the price point. To be honest, I can't tell the difference in quality between some of the hats at forever 21 and j.crew, they/re just that good.

Last up are these OTK boots. After lusting over essentially ever single boot made by Stuart Weitzman ever, I caved and splurged on a pair of Lowlands for myself. I've been in love ever since.

I love them so much to the point where I was tempted to buy another pair in a different color. Thankfully for my wallet, there are some very stylish and very affordable (relatively speaking) alternatives rolling out.

Even better is that the dolce vita boots will be on 25% off at bloomingdales starting tomorrow for their friends and family sale. In addition, the stuart weitzman boots are going to be eligible for their $25 reward for every $100 spent (at least I think so; that was the promo when I purchased mine.)

from top to bottom, left to right: go jane, aldo (also available via asos and amazon), dolce vita via bloomingdales (also available via nordstrom, revolve, zappos, amazon, & shopbop), & last but definitely not least stuart weitzman (also available via bloomingdales, nordstrom, neiman marcus, & zappos)

stuart weitzman lowland dupes, affordable over the knee boots,

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