blogger walk fails

If you read a lot of blogs, which I do, you're probably familiar with the blogger walk. It's the one where the effortlessly stylish blogger is walking glamorously across the street, often unconcerned with the incoming traffic lurking in the background because sometimes you got to do it for the 'gram. But life risking tactics aside, those walking shots are almost always my favorites. Seeing clothing in motion is much more interesting than seeing them idle; it's the same reason I skim over posts of fashion week presentations in favor of those featuring shots and videos of runway shows where the clothes seem to majestically float down the runway.

Unfortunately, despite my numerous attempts, past and present, I have not mastered the blogger walk. But that hasn't stopped me from trying because damn it, I will get it right one of these days!

dress: forever 21, cardigan: urban outfitters, boots: zara (similar also from zara), lips: revlon 'sultry'

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