cliché autumnal fun

Hitting up a farm to go apple/ corn/ pumpkin etc. picking is up there on my list of cliché fall things (but pumpkin picking still falls behind everything pumpkin spice flavored by a smidge.) For whatever reason, there's something so fun in paying extra money to complete unnecessary manual labor to pick our own food. Maybe it's triggered by some evolutionary psychology thingamajigg dating back to the time of hunter gatherers-- we get gratification in foraging our own food because survival.

Whatever the reasoning is, at the end of the day I won't say no to a trip to the farm. A few weeks ago I went with my family to Alstede Farms where we basically picked a whole lot of stuff-- pumpkins, apples, peaches, raspberries, yellow raspberries, blackberries, and kale. But my favorite part of the trip was feeding the donkeys. They were just so cute and funny in their mannerisms!

Side note, is this is a thing people do in other countries? In my mind going pumpkin picking seems to capture some sort of modern-American zeitgeist but for all I know people do the same thing all around the globe.

top: forever 21, joggers: forever 21 (similar), jacket: zara, sneakers: adidas via uo (also available at j. crew, nordstrom)

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