One of the few blogs that I've read consistently over the past few years is Sea of Shoes. If for some reason you've never checked out her blog, I highly suggest you click on through and prepare to be amazed by her fashion-y awesomeness. Some of my more recent favorite looks of her feature baggy, destroyed beyond belief, slightly cropped, boyfriend jeans (see 12345& 6). It's not a silhouette I'm all that confident in wearing, but I decided to give it a try anyways. I'm glad I did because honestly, destructed, loose jeans are meant for late summer days.

Also, please excuse my hair-in-face pose. I haven't quite gotten the hang of photographing my shorter hair (...although it's been 3 months...)

jeans: current/ elliott, dress worn as top: forever 21, espadrilles: forever 21, bandana: urban outfitters, lipstick: wet n' wild

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