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Silky square scarves

I've been pretty obsessed with neckerchiefs and handkerchiefs and any sort of -chief you can tie around your neck for the past year or so. The other week I happened across Stella Dallas, a cutesy vintage store in Greenwich Village, and I met the newest part of my obsession: silky square scarves. They had such a beautiful collection of vintage, designer, silk scarves from Dior to Hermes to Versace. But even though the prices were much more reasonable than if I bought such a scarf from a department store, it was still too pricey for me. Enter *cue drumroll, please* the high street. Both Urban Outfitters and Free People have their own iterations of the scarf, except of course they're silky, not actual silk. And at this point in my life I'm okay with that cause the price is a lot easier to swallow.

I'm particularly taken the first one and did a little happy dance when I saw it was in stock nearby. Like a lot of the blogosphere, I've been all about that 70s trend this year and I think this scarf ties perfectly into the whole 70s aesthetic.

from left to right: silky urban outfitters scarf, silky blue free people scarf, white silky urban outfitters scarf

urban outfitters silky scarves, free people silky scarf, square scarves fall 2015, fall 2015 trends

Glamour's Fall Trends feat. Maddie Ziegler

Even though I danced from the age of 3 up until I entered high school, I still find the premise of Dance Moms strange and barbaric. The idea of being entertained by watching children be pitted against each other is unsettling. That said, I've been swept up and into the Maddie Ziegler fan club. She recently collaborated with Glamour on a video in which she's dancing around a studio, showcasing next season's trends. Even though it's too hot for me to begin thinking about fall clothes without getting a heat stroke, I still enjoyed the video.

Etsy blogger templates

Until recently I had no idea that there were so many affordable layouts out there! I thought anybody with a fancy layout dished out the big bucks (that are definitely well spent-- but unrealistic to us plebeian bloggers) to a team of designers who came in like fairy godparents and gave their blogs a makeover.

Now Etsy shop-owners can be your very own godparents. I was going to list some of my favorite ones but I couldn't narrow it down. You can click here to view the endless amount of responsive layouts (aka layouts that will conform to the device the viewer is using to access the blog be it desktop, tablet, or phone.)

Coco Chic Blog's Blog Tips Series

About 75% of the time when I come across "blog tips" from a beauty/ travel/ food blogger, it's usually just a click-bait headline followed by obvious and unhelpful information. Better photography will get you more views?! Who knew!

Steph from Coco Chic Blog actually delivers content that's helpful. I'm still working my way through her posts since I just discovered the series on Friday. So far her post on Google Analytics as well as one on the laws surrounding blogging were my two favorite reads.

Fashion Mugging

Some of the blogs I follow get lost and forgotten in my bloglovin' feed and it's a real shame. The upside is when I rediscover these blogs I've got a new treasure trove of inspiration. It's a feeling akin to finding 20 bucks in my pockets. One of said blogs is Fashion Mugging. Her look is very polished and professional-- what's not to like?

I'm in love with the blouse she's wearing in her most recent post (pictured below) and I'm looking forward to finding a non off the shoulder version for fall.

fashion mugging off the shoulder outfit, cheap monday jeans, shein off the shoulder blouse

Aaaaaand totally unrelated but does anyone else hate how when you follow a blog on bloglovin', you automatically follow the blog author as well? I have absolutely no interest in following people (no offense) because all the good stuff is on their blogs.

If you're still with me here at the end of this post, I hope you have a good start to your week :)

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