Green Villain Buff Monster

After working up such a frenzy to get my hands on the Adidas Stan Smith sneakers coupled with waiting months on end for them to be in stock, you would think I would wear them more after finally receiving them. To be honest, I think 50% of my longing for them was due to the whole wanting what you can't have ordeal. It's pretty stupid but I have numerous pieces in my closet which I bought partly because I thought they were sold out/ out of stock/ discontinued etc.

Thankfully the other 50% of my longing can be attributed to my genuine liking of the shoes. I've been making an active effort to wear them more and 9 times out of 10, it's with a dress. No matter how many times the dress plus sneakers combo has been done, it never seems to get old.

P.s you may have noticed my new layout... I'm still working out a few kinks in it, but there will be a post dedicated to the upgrade within the next week :)

Zara striped dress, Adidas Stan Smith sneakers (also available at Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom, J. Crew, and Finish Line), Ray-Ban Wayfarers XL (also available at Shopbop)

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adidas stan smith sneakers, zara striped mini dress, murals of new york
green villain buff monster mural, bowery, new york city, rag and bone

First two photos taken by Sampada

Edits by yours truly

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